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Nats Trea Turner steals home against Dodgers (video)

Why am I writing about something other than the Oakland A’s or the AL West? Well, simply because stealing home is rare, it’s cool and it’s just kind of bad ass! You just don’t see it everyday.

With the Washington Nationals up 6-1 on the Los Angeles Dodgers, Trea Turner decided to take it upon himself to make the score 7-1. With shortstop Danny Espinosa in a rundown between first and second in the bottom of the sixth inning after a pickoff attempt to first trying to get Espinosa,  Turner took off.

Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalezwas in the midst of throwing the ball to shortstop Charlie Culberson.  By the time Culberson was able to turn and fire towards the plate, Turner was sliding into home safely. You’ll be able to see just how safe in the video below.

The Nationals ended up defeating the Dodgers by the score of 8-1 so really Turner’s charge home had no impact on the game except for adding a a major cool factor to it! 


*On a statistical note this was  Washington’s third time to swipe a run. Bryce Harper stole home in 2012 and Ian Desmond recorded the first, on April 20, 2011.

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