Ichiro gets hit no. 4,256, ties Pete Rose (sorta) – Video of hits 4,256 & 4,257

Even though Major League Baseball doesn’t count combined hits between Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan and its records here in America, Ichiro Suzuki has still officially entered territory only occupied by one person – MLB’s Hit King Pete Rose!

It’s really pretty amazing when you think about it – he played nine years in Japan and since the 2001 season – in which he won both the AL MVP and AL ROY Awards while with the Seattle Mariners – here, which is 24 career seasons … right? Crazy as it might be that’s how many seasons it took Pete Rose whose career covered 1963-1986 to reach the same total number of hits.

It also puts Ichiro just 22 hits away from the big 3,000 hit club and if anyone deserves to get there it would be Ichiro. I mean seriously, when you only need one name you’ve already made it but while he’s had an off year here or there, the guy has almost never not been great.

Let’s take a look at some of his other accomplishments:

  • Ichiro wins AL ROY and AL MVP in 2001
  • Makes 10 straight All-Star game appearances from 2001-2010
  • Lead the league in hits seven times
  • Lead the league in stolen bases in his rookie year with 56
  • Lead the league in batting average twice (the second time batting .372 on the year!)
  • Has ten Gold Glove Awards
  • Has three Silver Slugger Awards
  • Is 22 hits away from the 3,000 hit club
  • His combined number of hits between NPB and MLB has now tied Pete Rose at 4. 256 hits

He’s been insanely good for a very long time and right now at 42 years old he’s begun what could be his final season on a complete tear. He’s got 42 hits in 54 games, is batting .347 and has six stolen bases …. he’s like the Bartolo Colon of position players (obviously their body types are quite different but you get what I mean right? #TeamBartolo!).

Anyway, I just though I needed to acknowledge this accomplishment on my blog! So now that I have, here is the video of Ichiro’s 4, 256th career hit … such a tiny hit for such a HUGE accomplishment! Go Ichiro! I’m definitely rooting for him to get to 3,000 this season. Are you?

Since I began writing this Ichiro has passed Rose, hitting a double in the 9th inning of the Marlins game against the Padres. Check it out!

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