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What will the A’s do about Coco Crisp’s vesting option?

There’s a saying in Oakland, an old adage that is often used not only by the fans but by the television broadcasters, beat writers, bloggers, columnists, the players and even Athletics’ manager Bob Melvin.

“As Coco goes, so go the A’s”

For most of Coco Crisp’s six-plus seasons in Oakland, that has seemed to have been the case. His timely hits, speed on the bases and in the field and overall demeanor in the clubhouse have made him the A’s leader. When Crisp is around the A’s seem to have a special spark.

contract, vesting option
Me with the A’s fearless leader and fan favorite, Coco Crisp. March 2016. (it’s blurry but oh well!)

Now the A’s front office has a decision to make. Crisp signed a two-year extension prior to the 2014 season that included a vesting option for 2017. Does the organization allow Crisp’s option to vest or do they limit his playing time and use their $750K buyout?

Why wouldn’t they want to keep the fan favorite whose stint with the Athletics has been longer than any other player in a decade–a player whose spark and leadership propelled the A’s to the playoffs three times in his six-plus year tenure?

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