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A quick BBST update!

Just a quick BBST update!

Just a quick update on what is going on with me! Sorry to interrupt your baseball reading but I just wanted to let everyone know that I will now have two Twitter accounts – one for my work at Fan Rag Sports Network and Today’s Knuckleball in which I won’t be overtly cheering for my Oakland teams.

BBST update

Being that my job is to cover the Athletics, I can’t be so overly biased on social media. I’m not biased in my columns on the network, however, I can’t go around (as much as I’d like to) saying I’m stoked that Hunter Pence is out with an injury. It really is just unprofessional. I know that but it doesn’t mean that I do not feel it! LOL!

At first I was going to simply change my twitter handle and keep all my AMAZINGLY AWESOME followers, but after some advice from friends in the industry – I decided to keep @OakAsSocksGrl – it represents my brand and as long as I do not associate it too much with FRSN or TKB then I can root for Oakland as much as I’d like. 

Yet doing so required me to make a new account which is @Baseball_Jen (so original I know, I know … it’s not but I’m not great at that kind of thing! So 😛 LOL!).

I’d be so grateful if all of you who are on Twitter would continue following @OakAsSocksGrl but ALSO FOLLOW ME AS @Baseball_Jen

BBST update

The help would only take a few minutes of your time and would be of great help to me! Thank you all so much for your continued support in my endeavor to become a well-respected baseball writer. 

As the FanRag Sports Network is growing from what once was a blog to a now full on Digital Sports Website with a major web presence especially since we’ve added names like Bernie Pleskoff and most recently MLB Network Insider Jon Heyman to our staff, I too need to grow and at least learn to be more professional – hence – @Baseball_Jen

But for plenty of giants hatred and A’s love please continue to follow @OakAsSocksGrl

For plenty of unbiased baseball news and analysis I’m hoping you will PLEASE give me a follow on @Baseball_Jen

Thank you all once again for your love and support! xoxo!

~ Jen 

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