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A’s offense proving they can compete without Josh Reddick

Can the A’s offense hold its own without Reddick?

At the beginning of the season, things for the Oakland Athletics’ offense seemed set in stone. The team would have their Gold Glove-winning right fielder and middle-of-the-order hitter Josh Reddick until the August 1 trade deadline. That the A’s would trade Reddick was a no-brainer.

He was, after all, headed for free agency in the offseason and it was going to be a thin group of outfielders for him to compete against, meaning he’d have dibs on one of the highest contracts going to outfielders this year. That is something a team on a budget, like the A’s, already knows they can’t afford.  

There were rumblings about a possible extension for Reddick; however, to this day the two sides have barely talked, let alone gotten close to compromising on an extension. The A’s never really intended on giving Reddick one.

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Josh Reddick. Jason O. Watson/Getty Images.

They couldn’t afford it, and they’ve known it for a while. It left one question looming, however; who would take over offensively for Reddick? The answer was unclear, and it appeared that the A’s would have another year in which they faced offensive struggles.

The A’s found out sooner than expected who would take over for Reddick in the lineup when he broke his left hand trying to steal second base, making the offense appear to be put in a bad position sooner than expected.

Things haven’t quite turned out that way, at least thus far. For more on who’s stepped up in the A’s lineup you can finish reading my column on Today’s Knuckleball by following the link below:

Athletics’ offense proving it can withstand a trade of Josh Reddick

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