Happy Birthday BBST

Happy 3rd Birthday BBST!!

Happy Birthday BBST! Est. May 9, 2013

I’ll keep this short because I doubt anyone will read more than the title. LOL! BBST has been good to me over the past three years and it allows me to see how far I’ve come, after taking  an eight-year hiatus from writing – much of well – anything after college (there were more lucrative jobs out there … it is what it is!). 

My first few months of posts are embarrassingly awful. I had no idea how to blog and hadn’t written in so long so they turned out to be pretty boring and just really terribly written but if I hadn’t started there I never would’ve been asked to be a staff writer at Sports Unbiased, let alone get paid positions as an editor and features writer at FanSided and I never would have found my current position within FanRag Sports Network at Today’s Knuckleball

Now, I’ve still got a long way to go but I went from making no money writing to being able to live – albeit I don’t travel or shop a lot anymore – off of my work. I’m good with not travelling or shopping these days and have learned to find things I like and can use and decorate my house with at cheaper prices (I mean, honestly, who needs a $500 purse?!). 

While my writing started out as a blog and led to me being well compensated for it, I’ve learned quite a bit over the last three years such as what kind of posts to put on my blog, what type of websites I do and do not want to write for and I’ve acquired an even more extensive knowledge of the wonderful, beautiful sport I love so much! 

So thank you very much to those of you who have been with my from the beginning of this journey to those of you who may have just discovered my work today (if that is the case I hope you will be coming back!) and everyone in between! Every reader encourages me to work harder to become a better, more knowledgeable writer! 

So again, thanks to each and every person out there who has found my little corner of the internet and read my blog – or followed my work at websites along the way. Even though I found work fairly quickly, I’ve found ways to keep my blog going. 

I don’t always do the best job keeping up with it and I don’t always branch out to talk about other teams as much as I’d like to but that’s just a matter of me learning better time management skills! LOL! 

Anyway, my love for writing and for baseball and yes, for socks too – has grown exponentially over the past three years. It has made this blog so much fun to write and I appreciate and try to respond to every single comment so if you have something to say please do whether you agree or disagree with my analysis of any particular situation. 


Let’s Go Oakland!!! 

Take care and I hope you keep coming back!

Happy Birthday Bullpen, Baseball and Sock Talk!! 

~ Jen aka the “Oakland A’s Socks Girl”

(by the way – my blog’s birthday is also the anniversary of Dallas Braden‘s Perfect Game! It was an unintended but very cool coincidence. I was there and it was a great day at the Coliseum!) 

  • Steve Avery

    Congratulations on your 3rd Anniversary. My best day opening email is when I see you have posted a new Blog. I grew up in Oakland in 1960’s, following A’s from Trader Jack to Bob Melvin; from Catfish to Sonny and Finley to Moneyball. I moved to Arizona 20 years ago. The best connection to A’s baseball is not SF Chronicle but your insightful Blogs. My goal in 2017 is to find you at a Spring Training game and thank you for making a hometown boy less homesick. Keep up outstanding work and hoping for your continued success! Afterthought: Love Instagram postings of your amazing sock collection! Go A’s, Go Warriors!

    • Hi Steve!!
      Thank you so very much!! I get a ton of haters whether on here or Twitter or on Facebook – you name it, there are always people trying to tear me down. Cowards hiding behind their computers IMO. Your message is so refreshing and I appreciate it so much. To know that my blog posts make someone happy is truly unbelievable and is the biggest compliment I could receive! I would be happy to meet you at spring training next season!! I’m always there and love to meet new A’s fan friends!! 🙂 Thanks for your well wishes and comment! Go A’s and Go Warriors!! (I still can’t believe what Steph did in OT on Monday!!) 🙂

      • Steve Avery

        You rock! Do not understand haters if you do not like or enjoy a column do not read it. Before A’s arrived, SF Giants were the team to watch with Mays and Marichel. I am excited to see Giants Saturday & Sunday as they arrive in Phoenix for a 4 game series. An interesting aspect of Chase this year is dedicated area sponsored by Petco for Sunday Bark in Park Truly never understood bringing you 4 legged best friend to a MLB game! On Instagram, please continue to post pictures of your new residence. My cousins live in what I call Gold Rush Country in Garden Grove. Love to read a younger student of the game and her thoughts on current hot topics like DH. My current idea with Interleague and extra innings that rosters be expanded to 28 and with line up card you advise 3 players who are designated not to play. That way your roster has a lot more flexibility. Anyway, appreciate your kind response. Go Warriors, much prefer this era than Rick Barry championship year! Be well and continue to be a fashion statement with your amazing socks!

        • I hope the DBacks kick some giants a**!! (just saying because it’s true, plus I have a friend on the Dbacks so I always root for them!) I’ve never been to Chase – always wanted to go but whenever I’m there they are at Salt River Fields (which IMO is the best spring training park)!!! I’ve never understood bringing your dog either – although I couldn’t even if I wanted to since my dog hates almost every other dog on the planet! Interesting idea about interleague and extra innings! Glad you’re enjoying the Warriors … we are only a few games away from the finals and we can take on anyone esp with Steph back – his MVP speech was unbelievable, I was like “no wonder he’s friends with President Obama” – it was so articulate and he wasn’t reading it very reminiscent of POTUS. I wasn’t really around for the Rick Barry Championship era but I’ve heard a lot about it! I had season tickets to the Warriors for about 10 years but then my parents didn’t want to pay for both and of course I picked baseball … both sets of tickets were/are family tickets – we’ve had our A’s tickets for about two decades now. But I was at the 06-07 “We Believe” playoff games and those were some of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to in my life and I was at Dallas’ Perfect Game, 16-20 of the streAk, game 162 in ’12 and ALDS game 5 in ’12 … those were good times!! Even losing Game 5 was ok because of the fan reaction afterwards! Anyway, I’m rambling now …. LOL! Thanks for reading my stuff and I’m so glad you enjoy it!! 😀

          • Steve Avery

            Morning! Excited today to see Patrick Corbin pitch at Chase tonight. Also, a fun give away – T-shirt for Star Wars.
            I also worked for Arizona Diamondbacks in the ticket office, 16 seasons before retiring to do an adult job before I actually retire for good. I also was at Box Office for Salt River Fields for initial two seasons.
            I always have enjoyed working at a Box Office including 10 Years with Arizona Coyotes That is were I meet Doug who ran A’s ticket office for many a year. Doug is currently heading up Pirates Box Office.
            I stayed at home last night and watched Shark pitch. In my mind his arrival in Oakland was such a promising moment. Soon Lester appeared and I thought World Series inevitable, alas, not to be.
            Retirement on my mind (2020), when A’s next appear at CHASE. I hope at that time you are still writing amazing columns and wearing socks. It would be fun to have dugout seats and cheer on our beloved Green & Gold!

          • Oh I’ll still be writing that’s for sure!!! 2014 was just not to be. And the offensive collapse wasn’t caused by Cespedes leaving – in fact without Lester we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did. The offense was already collapsing – Vogt and Norris were slowing down, Brandon Moss didn’t let on about how bad his hip was (he hit 21 homers in the first half, just 4 in the second half and then got a cortisone shot and hit two huge ones that put us in the lead in the wild card game. However even if we’d won that game we wouldn’t have gone far), so without well mainly Moss there was no one to protect Donaldson in the lineup – so yes, losing Cespedes had an impact but not the way people think. No one could predict Moss would only hit 4 homers in the second half!!! Billy made the right call. I’d love to go to CHASE in 2020! Don’t forget! LOL!! And hopefully I will still be wearing my socks! I may be too old by that point but we will see! LOL! Enjoy the game tonight! Go DBacks!

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