baseball moment

My favorite baseball moment

My favorite baseball moment

(written to *hopefully be published as part of an upcoming book, details soon if it is included)

The most amazing baseball moment in my life began with a loss. It wasn’t at all your everyday regular season, we can get ‘em tomorrow, kind of loss. The Oakland Athletics were up two games in the 2012 American League Division Series going into Detroit and a couple of days later found themselves back in Oakland for Game 5.

Detroit Tigers’ had their star pitcher, the reigning AL MVP AND Cy Young Award winner, Justin Verlander, on the mound. He silenced the A’s bats and pitched a complete-game shutout.

As the losing home team dejectedly started to walk off the field – they’d lost in the playoffs they worked so hard to get to the crowd began to chant “Let’s Go Oakland!” and soon everyone in the Coliseum was standing and chanting.

baseball moment
Josh Reddick, Game 5, 2012 ALDS. Getty Images.

The players on both teams started to realize what was going on and the A’s began acknowledging the crowd. The Tigers players even tipped their caps to the A’s, and the A’s fans, out of respect.

The Tigers showed a lot of class that night, taking their celebration inside so the A’s and their fans could experience this special moment.

The feelings of solidarity and pride inside the Coliseum that night were incredible and breathtaking, the emotion was literally palatable.

The ovation lasted for a full five minutes – you can see a video of it from YouTube or hear the A’s talk about it on – (both videos are also at the end of this post).

What made the moment even more magical has to do with the back story. The A’s were predicted to lose 100 games in 2012, instead the team, that no one but the fans believed in, won 94.

They faced off with the Texas Rangers, tied at 93 wins a piece in Game 162, at home in front of the home crowd and defeated them. On Oct. 3, 2012, by the score of 12-5, the Athletics took the AL Western Division Crown away from the Rangers. The team was in first place for exactly one day that season, and that day turned out to be the only one that really matters – the final day of the season.

baseball moment
Josh Reddick, Game 162, 2012. Kent Porter / Press Democrat.

Game 162 was pretty actually a pretty incredible day as well. The players circled the field, high-fiving fans and spraying champagne. Afterall, they’d done what had been deemed impossible. They won the division.

What spontaneous ovation that took place after the final pitch of Game 5 of the 2012 ALDS is my favorite baseball memory.

I’ve seen a perfect game and a witnessed the team win 20 games in a row, but the raw emotion in the Coliseum that day between all the players and the fans cannot truly be described and likely never replicated.

The A’s had lost, but the crowd was so proud of what they had accomplished that a spontaneous ovation broke out and every single person at the Coliseum was a part of it. It was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget.

  • Steve Avery

    Great story! I hope your musings and columns turn into a book at some point. I would definitely buy and turn out at a book signing! Please make this happen!

    • Thank you! That is a dream of mine! I’d love to write a book but it’s hard to know where to begin … but seriously thank you! 🙂

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