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Bartolo Colon takes James Shields deep for first career home run!

Bartolo Colon hits first career home run!!



My life is seriously complete! I could die (after I finish writing this of course!) and be completely happy! My main man in baseball (and most of you know this from reading my blog or following me on Twitter or Facebook), actually probably on the entire planet, is Bartolo Colon

I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan until the lovable, always happy pitcher became a member of the Oakland Athletics in 2012. In 2013, and I still hold this to be true, I was the biggest advocate for him to win what would have been his second career Cy Young Award. Of course, it ended up going to Max Scherzer, then of the Detroit Tigers, who had won 21 games that season.

It always seems to be about wins but the point is, that was when I started using my now known hashtag “#TeamBartolo.” He finished second in the AL in both wins (18) and ERA (2.65), while the first place finishers in those categories Scherzer and his former teammate Anibal Sanchez, respectively, were not even in the top three for the statistical categories for which they did not place first.

I STILL think two second place finishes beats a say first place in wins and a fifth place in ERA but I don’t get a say in things like that – YET – so I’ll leave it at that … But he’s been my boy since becoming a member of the A’s.

Since the A’s passed on giving the then-40-year-old Colon a two-year deal, he moved on to the New York Mets where he’s become a sensation both for his ability on the mound at the age of 42, his spectacular defensive plays and oddly enough his interesting abilities at the plate.

Sometimes at the plate Colon looks just plain silly, losing his batting helmet whether he hits the ball or strikes out. However, last season his being a sensation has turned into what I can only call him having a “cult-following.” He had eight hits last season, the most in his career, including a double.  He also netted 4 RBI with those eight hits!

Today, May 7th 2016, the 19-year veteran, Cy Young Award winner and sensation-turned-phenom with a cult-like following, got his first hit of the season. It was also the first home run of his career off of San Diego Padres’ ace James Shields.

It was a two-run shot to left. Colon circled the bases and returned to a completely empty dugout – then of course his teammates who had purposefully left him there alone – ran out and mobbed him, like completely awesome crazy people!

I’m NOT joking when I tell you that this is probably the best day EVER! #TeamBartolo Forever (and there seems to be a good chance he could play that long)!!

Anyway, I’m done gushing with happiness! Here’s my favorite picture of Bartolo just to appropriately end this post!! (I’m so effing excited you don’t even know!)


bartolo colon, homer
Bartolo Colon. Getty Images.
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