A's Love, my rant

An important rant – dedicated to the A’s players and loyal fans!

My RANT today – #sorrynotsorry!

Dedicated to the A’s players and true, loyal Athletics fans!

*Originally written for & posted on Facebook but I thought it needed to be (I hope) more widely read so here ya go:

Ok, I’m SICK TO DEATH of A’s fans whining about the ownership. Does it hella suck? ABSOLUTELY, YES, IT DOES! However, is there ANYTHING that YOU, personally, can actually do about it? NO!
Mom & me at the Coli supporting our team!

If you think boycotting games or discontinuing your season tickets is going to make a difference – then you’re WRONG! IT WILL NOT CHANGE A SINGLE THING!

It’s certainly not going to make Wolff & Fisher suddenly decide to give the team a ton of their money (and I do understand that they a couple of the richest owners in baseball). You CAN’T make them give money to the team to spend on keeping players!
At this point in the history of the Athletics franchise …. just ignoring Fisher/Wolff and accepting it as reality is the only way to be a fan …
I hate the ownership too but it’s not as though this is breaking news! I hate when people CONTINUE to whine about it!
You can either GET OVER IT and accept reality or be a bandwagon bitch and jump ship. Go to the dark side – be a giants fan! I don’t care but stop freaking whining. You cannot change who owns the team.
rant, Coco and me
How can you not show up to support a guy like our fearless leader Coco Crisp?!

Personally, I root for and am loyal to the name on the FRONT of the jersey, always have been – even at 4 years old – always will be.

I will support ANY (almost with the exception of Bonds, but no need to worry there!) player that dons or has ever donned an Athletics uniform and if you say you are an A’s fan then YOU SHOULD TOO!

And supporting the players means showing up at games!

Sure, when Wolff/Fisher bought the team I, too, was upset when they let a couple players walk away but after one or two, you just have to realize that if you want to be an A’s fan …. that’s just life right now.
It won’t be that way forever. Eventually there will be new owners … hopefully better ones!
But for now, PLEASE stop bitching about the ownership – WE GET THAT YOU DON’T LIKE IT! – and start actually ACTING LIKE A FAN!! #LetsGoOakland! #GreenCollar #IHellaLoveOakland! #Athletics!

So I say CHEERS to all of you out there who ARE LOYAL A’s FANS through the good times and the bad!

rant, cheers
Cheers to being an A’s fan!!

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*Stephen Vogt, Josh Phegley, Yonder Alonso, Mark Canha, Billy Butler, Jed Lowrie, Marcus Semien, Danny Valencia, Chris Coghlan, Josh Reddick, Coco Crisp, Billy Burns, Khris Davis, Tyler Ladendorf, Sonny Gray, Rich Hill, Kendall Graveman, Sean Manaea, Henderson Alvarez, Jesse Hahn, Sean Doolittle, Ryan Dull, John Axford, Ryan Madson, Fernando Rodriguez, Liam Hendriks, Marc Rzepczynski, Eric Sogard – the current A’s 25-man Roster (plus Alvarez & Sogard – so 27 actually! LOL!)
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