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WIth injuries and a wild Greinke, DBacks may be in trouble

Are the DBacks in real trouble?

As you may have guessed, due to the fact they are one of the only teams I talk about on here, that I support the Arizona Diamondbacks (aka the DBacks – I even have a DBacks’ shirt if you can believe that! I’ll post a pic later on this post!). There are a number of reasons for this, none of which are really a big deal but the fact is that I follow the team and would like to see them defeat the evil San Francisco Giants in the National League West.

I don’t dislike the Los Angeles Dodgers either – I like them in fact. Last season, my trip to Dodger Stadium was wonderful. Great game, wonderful fans who also hate the Giants – it was lovely. I always wish them well. But it wouldn’t hurt for the DBacks to have a chance.

This year they thought was the year. The chance had finally arrived – they’d gotten Zack Greinke at the last minute over the Dodgers and Giants. Greinke was one of the best pitchers in baseball.

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Jake Arrieta. Jon Durr/Getty Images.

The National League race for the Cy Young between him, the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw and the eventual winner, the Chicago Cubs’ Jake Arrieta. The race was so close, if I’d had a vote I’d have wanted to vote for all three although to be honest, in the end it would’ve been Arrieta.

Still, Greinke deserved the award just as much and the Diamondbacks paid a pretty penny to get him at the last minute.

This season so far, Greinke has struggled. Friday he pitched well against the San Diego Padres and ace James Shields. He didn’t get the win but he didn’t get loss either. 

Still Greinke is 0-2 in three starts with a 6.75 ERA over 17.1 innings. He’s also leading the league in hits allowed with 22. That’s not what you expect from your $206 million ace. 

They also made a trade with the Atlanta Braves and although he didn’t have many wins last season Shelby Miller was one of the better pitchers in the game. 

They’ve got an insanely good closer in Brad Ziegler. He’s not your typical closer. He throws sidearm, which is different than say Mariano throwing a cutter, but is very effective. Ziegler recently set the DBacks’ franchise record for consecutive saves with 29.

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Brad Ziegler. Getty Images.

The Diamondbacks had Paul Goldschmidt, a first baseman who should have a ton of MVP awards but in the end gets over looked for players on a better team. This was supposed to be the year that finally changed.

The team also had the up-and-coming superstar A.J. Pollock. The outfielder was sliding into home in the teams final exhibition game and broke his elbow. Yep. That actually happened. Of course the injury required surgery and although Pollock is aiming for a 2016  comeback, we all know that is unlikely.

What happened Saturday though was just where things get unfair. On top of Greinke’s issues and Pollock’s elbow, Miller was removed from the game early due to what is at this time an unknown injury. 

It’s just really not fair. A TON of things are unfair in life. I get that. Was it unfair that the A’s offense collapsed mid-season in 2014? Sure. But that was the players’ problems. This appears to be just pure bad luck and that’s not fair. 

I don’t know. I just wanted to write about this because of my allegiance to Arizona and because it isn’t like they are a team that always goes big. They went big this year and it is falling apart.

Teams like the New York Yankees, Giants and the Boston Red Sox have the ability to spend big and if it doesn’t work out then “ooopsy! – no real biggie.” Take Pablo Sandoval, he is making millions a year and he was just straight up benched by the Red Sox. Now he’s been placed on the disabled list without an MRI being taken (that’s a bit suspicious, not illegal but suspicious). 

The Diamondbacks don’t exactly have that type of luxury. I can only hope that Greinke finds the Greinke of 2015 or the Greinke of 2009. They may still have a chance if he can do that and on Saturday his outing may not have been perfect but it was more Greinke-like than we’ve seen this season. His command just hasn’t been the same as last season pr the majority of his career.

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Shelby Miller. Getty Images.

Saying that they have a chance might sound a bit optimistic, especially if Shelby Miller goes down with something serious*. But I happen to like being optimistic so that’s the deal. If you don’t like happy, optimistic people (and there are those that don’t) then you probably don’t want to keep reading here. 

However, I don’t sugar coat either! I tell it like it is and if I can put a positive spin on something then I will! That’s all. 🙂

*It’s now known (published about 15 minutes ago) that Shelby Miller was taken out of the game due to lacerations on both knuckles of his right pointer finger. As of now it has not been determined how long, if at all, he will be out. If his finger heals he should be able to make his next start against the Giants. Go Dbacks! LOL!

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