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I never watched this video before today ….

A post a bit past it’s expiration date but worth a read and watch!

I still have not seen this with volume (just ask my little tiny Levono Yoga 2 ┬ácomputer why because I don’t know why I can’t get sound!! Talk about inconvenient!

Even though the Angels just killed my A’s, despite the fact that my favorite position player is Marcus Semien. Semien hit three homers in two days and is leading the Athletics with four homers on the year.

I don’t like the fact that people think that Semien still “sucks” at playing shortstop. The fact is that he doesn’t. I can’t wait to see all the naysayer’s faces when he hits the 20-plus home runs I predicted earlier this year. Last season in fact, I completely and accurately predicted Semien hitting 15 home runs while I was at A’s Fan Fest 2015 with my parents and friends!

That prediction was based upon 83 MLB games played over two seasons with the Chicago White Sox (in which he’d played six games at shortstop). He would have broken my prediction if he hadn’t had to work so hard on learning to play shortstop in the big leagues (Thank you Wash!!). So, yeah, this year -> 20+ Baby!!

Yet, that has nothing to do with this short story. I was checking out the awesome blog of the Baseball Blogess (I will be adding her to my blogroll shortly) and I saw this April Fool’s Day prank that Mike Trout and friends pulled on Angels’ starting pitcher Garrett Richards.

I watched this without side mind you …. so if there is anything vulgar or inappropriate that I missed – my bad! I go back to the “ask my computer” excuse!!!

Anyway, here are is the video that I started this whole rambling blog post for YOU TO WATCH! I hope you made it this far through my rambling because I was literally “laughing out loud” at this video and I couldn’t even hear it!! LMAO! ­čśÇ

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