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The A’s won’t be extending Reddick’s contract

He told them that he wouldn’t negotiate a new long-term contract during the season, which is not all that unusual. Many players don’t like to engage in any kind of contractual talks during the season, so as not to distract them from doing their jobs.

While that was one of Reddick’s main points as well, his ultimatum came with a second caveat. He wanted his representation and the A’s to have a long-term contract extension completed by the end of spring training.

While it wasn’t widely reported, that stipulation of Reddick’s request comes with certain assumptions, giving the A’s and Reddick both had choices to make. It appears that both sides have made that choice.

Josh Reddick, contract extension
Josh Reddick. Getty Images.

The A’s refused to be held to Reddick’s deadline, meaning no long-term contract. That made Reddick’s decision for him. He’ll be a free agent at the end of the season and will try his luck on the open market.

Reddick should have good luck on the market, too. The pool of free-agent outfielders after the season is going to be small and Reddick has a Gold Glove award as well as some pop to his name.

He also put up some good numbers in 2015, his best since 2012; if he can do so again in 2016 his value will be even higher. Much higher, in fact, than the Athletics’ front office would ever be able to pay him, unless they were looking to make him the cornerstone player to build a team around.

The A’s owners choose to operate on a small market budget. It’s been that way since Lew Wolff and John Fisher took ownership of the club.

Due to this fact, the Athletics’ front office is always posed with the same question, “Is Reddick (or enter player’s name here) one of the guys?” Is he the right guy to anchor the franchise? Given the lack of a new deal, it appears that answer is “no.” 

For more on who IS the right guy to anchor the franchise and more on why A’s fans will likely be saying goodbye to Reddick sooner than they might think, you can read the rest of my column on Today’s Knuckleball by following the link below:

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