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Game results similar but don’t worry A’s fans, it’s not 2015!

Despite recent game results, don’t worry, it is not 2015!

The Oakland A’s are now 1-3 on the young 2016 season. Yes, they lost the first two games but I wouldn’t say I spoke too soon about the A’s new bullpen or the 2016 A’s team in general. Even though the game results may appear the same as in 2015 but this is not the same A’s team as last season.

They took the loss opening night but the offense was working and the loss really went to starter Rich Hill who allowed two earned and two unearned runs, the only runs the Chicago White Sox were able to score against the A’s.

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Rich Hill. Getty Images.

A misplaced pitch by Sean Doolittle on Tuesday night in Oakland that broke a 4-4 tie between the A’s and the Chicago White Sox in the top of the ninth inning. It’s an unlikely coincidence that that pitch was hit by a man quite used to the thick marine air that surrounds the Oakland Alameda Coliseum. That man’s name? Alameda-native Jimmy Rollins, the new shortstop for the White Sox.

Doolittle made a mistake, that happens, and it tends to happen more often to a  closer than anyone else on the team. They have more opportunities to make mistakes and not have the opportunity to come out like so many other players and hit a homer to make up for their defensive miscue or make a spectacular play on defense in order to make amends for a baserunning error.

This, seemingly usual one-run loss result for the Athletics, will not be the norm again in 2016 as it was in 2015 for more reasons than just the bullpen. This is especially true, as we have now seen the A’s entire bullpen pitch with excellent results, with the exception of the mistake by Doolittle. 

For more on why this year’s Oakland Athletics are not going to repeat the same mistakes as the 2015 Oakland Athletics, you can read the rest of my column on Today’s Knuckleball by following the link below:

Results may look similar to 2015 but this is a different A’s team

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