When it comes to commerciAls it’s AlwAys All About the A’s

A Short History of Awesome A’s Commercials

It’s actually pretty hard to deny that the A’s have great marketing campaigns going pretty far back. I remember one from when Eric Chavez was a rookie, the majority of the team were all the “youngsters” in the game, Ben Grieve was the reigning Rookie of the Year and in the commercial he was jumping on the bed with Stomper.

It was funny, cute and at the time accurate. I couldn’t find a video of it but I found this description of a couple of the 1999 commercials in the Sports Illustrated Vault,

“Take a look at the television promos for the upcoming season. In one commercial 21-year-old third baseman Eric Chavez is hitting the streets to solicit votes for Rookie of the Year….And in the campaign’s hilarious feature spot, manager Arte Howe is about to turn in for the night on a road trip when he is startled by a mysterious noise coming from the room next door. It turns out that Grieve and the team mascot, an elephant named Stomper, had been bouncing on their beds.”

There was a commercial a few years back with Brandon Moss talking too much at first base to the runners and at one point he says he wants to get a dolphin – if anyone can remember the would-be dolphin’s name please leave a comment! As A’s fans know, there have been a lot of great commercials every year. Remember this 2005 Jason Kendall gem?

I don’t know exactly what year it started but last year it was publicized that a few of the players like Stephen Vogt and Sean Doolittle were doing most of the work from coming up with concepts to writing and acting in the commercials (but you already knew about the acting part).

Here’s a fave of mine from 2015:

This year the players had even more input and creative freedom in producing the commercials.

A few were recently released for the start of the new season so I thought I would throw a couple on my blog for your viewing pleasure! Here are two 2016 commercials to help you get ready for a fun (and this year successful!) A’s season!! Enjoy! And take a look behind the scenes on the making of the commercials at Athletics Videos courtesy of


“The Shift with Mark Canha

Let’s Go Oakland in 2016!!!

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