Gentry and Nava

Gentry and Nava: the Angels’ dilemma in left field

How will the Angels fare with a Gentry and Nava platoon in left field?

It would seem like the Los Angeles Angels and Yoenis Cespedes would be an almost perfect match. It’s been a well-known fact since the Angels shipped Josh Hamilton off to the Texas Rangers that the Angels have a huge hole looming out in left field and the need for another power bat in their lineup. While they would prefer a left-handed bat, Cespedes’ right-handed power and recent Gold Glove Award would fill that hole very nicely.

cespedes, committed to cespedes, gentry and nava
Yoenis Cespedes. Getty Images.

There had been speculation that team owner Arte Moreno might make an exception to his rule of not going over the payroll limit of $189 million and therefore avoiding having to pay the luxury tax that comes along with that, he has not changed his stance. The Angels will not be going after Cespedes.

This leaves them with the platoon of switch-hitter Daniel Nava and Craig Gentry, both signed by the Angels as free agents in December. Gentry spent most of the 2015 season in Triple-A and Nava split time between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, neither hit higher than .194 on the year. There is always the chance that the Angels may elect to trade one of their many starting pitchers for an outfielder prior to the start of the season, but until that happens it looks like they are going to have to make due with Nava and Gentry as their left field platoon.

For more on Gentry and Nava, their past and most recent season stats, as well as what the Angels can still do in order to right their situation in left field please use the link below to read the remainder of my column on Today’s Knuckleball:

Angels current left field platoon leaves much to be desired

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