Jessica Mendoza gets a full-time spot on Sunday Night Baseball

Jessica Mendoza continues to make history

If you watch baseball you may remember the name Jessica Mendoza. She became the first female analyst when she took over for Curt Schilling on a Sunday Night Baseball broadcast on ESPN.

jessica mendoza
Jessica Mendoza.Getty Images.

She made history again when she was in the booth for the New York Yankees and Houston Astros one-game Wild Card playoff. Mendoza was an Olympic Gold Medalist and silver medalist who attended Stanford University. She began calling softball games for ESPN in 2007.

She’s faced a lot of resistance from men on social media and elsewhere, who don’t want a woman calling their baseball games.  There were a lot of offense tweets, take this one from an Atlanta radio host who called her “Tits McGhee.”

There were many more. To summarize, I took the liberty of quoting a couple of tweets when I first wrote about Mendoza breaking barriers for women in sports media.

Here’s another one just for the sake of showing how menacing  a woman in sports can be to some men. Rick Mendoza tweeted

”Certain places men and women don’t belong! Don’t believe when a woman is talking baseball to me booth! Killed it for me! Sorry!”

Mendoza doesn’t let the haters get to her. She seems to be able to brush them off as though they are nothing, a quality I greatly admire. 

Jessica Mendoza
Aaron Boone’s pennant winning walk-off 2003.

Now she will officially join Aaron Boone, brother of Bret Boone, who you may remember for his heroic walk-off home run in the 2003 American League Division Series that sent the Boston Red Sox packing and the Yankees onto the World Series. The pair will join Dan Shulman in the booth for every Sunday Night Baseball broadcast on ESPN in 2016. 

Thankfully her new colleagues don’t feel the way the haters on social media do. Boone had this to say about the 35-year-old trailblazer,

“I think she has a chance to be a star at this,” Boone said. ” I think getting that opportunity last year and having success put her in a position for this year. It just speaks to just how smart and talented she is. I think she is going to take off tenfold this year …. She’s a tireless worker. Getting to be around the players and just starting to live the sport will take her analysis to another level this year.”

That is pretty high praise. As for the men she works with they aren’t haters at all. They see Mendoza as the should – as an equal. 

“It just felt so good for the guys to see me as a peer and not just a female.” Mendoza told the Associated Press.

Jessica Mendoza is an amazing role model for women aspiring to work in sports media. She’s breaking down long standing barriers and shouing the baseball world that women can understand and love the game just as much as any man. Screw the haters – she has a way better job than them anyway! LOL! 😉

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