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Jerry Dipoto has almost rebuilt the Mariners with few resources

Jerry Dipoto, who was named the new general manager of the Seattle Mariners in late September, has been the busiest GM in all of baseball during his short tenure. Once the offseason hit, Dipoto did not hesitate to hit the ground running. He’s made nine trades and signed five free agents, which is more than any other team’s GM has been able to make happen.

He’s also had to reconfigure the front office staff and the managerial and coaching staffs. He allowed legendary Mariner Edgar Martinez to stay on as the team’s hitting coach and Chris Woodward as the team’s infield coach. In the front office, he surprisingly did not hire his own assistant GM but allowed Jeff Kingston to keep his position, along with amateur scouting director Tom McNamara and pro scouting director Tom Allison.

Dipoto has done well in a short time with what he was given to work with.

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Robinson Cano. Getty Images.

He was handed a mess to straighten out. The Mariners have one of the worst farm systems in the league, and a large chunk of their payroll is invested in just four players: Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager, Nelson Cruz and Felix Hernandez. He’s expected to take those two messes, no viable prospects and limited funds, and turn the team around from finishing at 76-87 in 2015 into a strong contender in 2016.

That is far from an easy task.

Dipoto has absolutely improved the Mariners from where they were last season. He has turned over 40% of the 40-man roster since September 28.

To read the remainder of my column on Today’s Knuckleball and find out just what Dipoto has done and assess whether or not you think he’s made the Mariners a team with the ability to contend in the AL West in 2016, just use the link below:

Dipoto busy in rebuilding Mariners

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