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Domestic violence allegations holding up Chapman deal

What really happened with Aroldis Chapman?

It was believed Monday that the Cincinnati Reds and the Los Angeles Dodgers had completed a deal for elite closer Aroldis Chapman. He is the hardest throwing closer in baseball history. Rumor has it he has hit up to 106 mph.

Then suddenly there were reports that the deal was being held up. How and why were not immediately known. Then finally it was reported by Jeff Passan and Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, that Chapman had been involved in a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend back in October.

Aroldis Chapman. Getty Images.

Well, THAT is certainly a reason that the Dodgers may be having second thoughts on trading for Chapman.  

The incident occurred in October and allegedly stemmed from something the girlfriend found on Chapman’s phone (I am in NO way promoting domestic violence  but I’m like “honey, your dating a professional baseball player and you think that he’s going to be faithful? Come on now” – but that’s just me.)I’m sure what she found warranted an argument.

But did that argument really need to involve a gun? The police report says that Chapman allegedly fired eight gun shots in his garage, pushed his girlfriend against the wall and choked her. His girlfriend reportedly ran outside and hid in a bush until the authorities arrived.

Chapman admits to firing the eight gun shots but maintained that it was during a party with family and friends. His lawyer spoke for him in statement saying,

“On behalf of Mr. Chapman, we vehemently deny the allegations as stated. Beyond that, we have no further comment at this time.”

No arrests were made because of conflicting stories according to the police. To read the police report, you can click here and to read more of the specifics of the incident you can click here.

Major League Baseball intends to investigate the incident under their new domestic violence policy. I expect them to take the incident very seriously as the NFL and NBA have also been putting domestic policies into effect and it has been a recently addressed topic.

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