thank you based ball

Doolittle and Dolan playing “Thank You Based Ball”

Sean Doolittle and girlfriend Eireann Dolan know how to give back – play Thank You Based Ball

The Oakland Athletics had their worst season in 2015 since before now-vice president of baseball operations Billy Beane took over as general manager in prior to the 1998 season. With the A’s seemingly looking at an improved, yet still mediocre, 2016, two brights spots from the 2015 season immediately stand out as having made the season worthwhile after all.

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Sean Doolittle. Getty Images

Who or what could possibly tame a hostile fan base who no longer trusted their esteemed general manager? A’s closer Sean Doolittle and his girlfriend, Eireann Dolan. The pair recently made national news for the second time in 2015 for hosting 17 Syrian refugee families to Thanksgiving dinner in Chicago.

Yet, that’s not all these two have done for the A’s community and the people of the East Bay Area. If you haven’t heard of Sean Doolittle or Eireann Dolan, then in this case I beg you, please follow the link below to read about the other charitable works they’ve done. They don’t do it for notoriety but because they genuinely want to help people and it amazing. So please read the rest of my column on this pair of unsung heroes on Today’s Knuckleball. They may not want nor need the the recognition but they deserve it and they make the Oakland very proud! Thank you Eireann and Doo! We love you guys!

(Also you should follow Eireann’s blog: Thank You Based Ball )

 Sean Doolittle and Eireann Dolan making Oakland proud

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