Zack Wheeler

Mets not shopping Wheeler is a disappointment

The New York Mets announced Sunday that they will not be shopping right-handed starter Zack Wheeler despite having a fearsome foursome in Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard

Zack Wheeler
Wilmer Flores. Getty Images.

Personally I was hoping they’d shop Wheeler back in July. Wheeler, 25,  is coming off of having had Tommy John surgery last summer and they ALMOST did. Remember Wilmer Flores crying on the field after he thought he’d been traded to the Milwaukee Brewers (giving him two reasons to cry – their record and leaving the Mets)? Well that was over Wheeler.

The Brewers were prepared to send Carlos Gomez to the Mets for Wheeler and Flores. It didn’t happen for some medical reason and Gomez ended up in Houston.

Of course I was hoping the Mets would give him up for relatively cheap and he’d somehow end up in Oakland. It would have been a a risk, sure, but Wheeler would have been a staple for the future to pitch behind ace Sonny Gray. That is assuming that he recovers well – unlike Jarrod Parker and A.J. Griffin – who both had major setbacks while rehabbing from Tommy John surgeries of their own (it was Parker’s second time getting the procedure too which makes it that much more difficult).

Still, even though the Mets are not actively shopping Wheeler, that doesn’t mean trading him is not completely out of the question. Assistant GM John Ricco told Newsday’s Marc Carig,

“We’re not actively shopping Zack by any stretch. But as with the other starters, if something came up that we thought made us better, we’re going to talk about it.”

The Athletics have a now-fully stocked farm system and new general manager David Forst has said that they are looking to add starting pitching, instead of looking for some much needed back-up in left field.

2015 A's, AL West, Zack Wheeler
Jesse Chavez. Getty Images.

So I guess you never know. The A’s aren’t going to compete again until at least 2017, probably 2018 is more accurate so Wheeler would have time to recover fully and adjust. So perhaps if the A’s happen to have a few prospects that the Mets are interested in they could be traded along with say, Jesse Chavez or someone along those lines, my little pipe dream could come true. Forst may be the GM but VP of baseball operations Billy Beane is still call all the big and final shots and he is quite the negotiator.

With Billy Beane at the helm of your team you can never guess what is going to happen when you wake up in the morning. Take the Jeff Samardzija/ Jason Hammel trade or the Yoenis Cespedes trade or the Josh Donaldson trade. No one saw those coming, you just never know.

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