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Hot Stove: ICYMI on Friday, because it was crazy

Hot Stove season has now officially begun

The Hot Stove season has been moving hella fast this year, or at  least it seems that way to me. Teams area always making big deals and signings during this part of the baseball season (yes, pretty much year-round there is some kind of “baseball season” and this is the “Hot Stove” season). 

Usually most of them seem to come after the Winter Meetings that take place in early December, but this season has really taken off since last week’s GM Meetings in Florida. Here’s just what happened on Friday, which takes the Andrelton Simmons to the Los Angeles Angels for Erick Aybar and some top prospects trade off the list but yes, that has happened too. 

  • Craig Kimbrel to the Boston Red Sox for four prospects – The Boston Red Sox acquired one of the most elite closers in the league Friday. In return the San Diego Padres received outfielder Manuel Margot, shortstop Javier Guerra, infielder Carlos Asuaje and lefty Logan Allen. Margot and Guerra are on MLBPipline’s top 100 prospects list and Asauje and Allen are on Boston’s top 25 prospect list. Given that the Red Sox have (had? LOL) one of the best farm systems in baseball, that’s saying A LOT. Padres’ GM A.J. Preller said that he didn’t want all the pieces he picked up last offseason to go to waste and so he acquired four big prospects in exchange for Craig Kimbrel. However the Red Sox got the better deal here because Margot and Guerra’s spots in the big leagues are blocked by young stars Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts. Plus, Kimbrel is just 27 years old and will be under team control for the next three years which is a huge bonus.
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Manuel Margot. Joel Auerbach/Getty Images.
  • Two more qualifying offers were accepted – Three more players decided to accept the one-year $15.8 million qualifying offers extended by their teams. Colby Rasmus made history on Thursday, becoming the first player to accept a qualifying offer and he will return to the Houston Astros in 2016. Two others followed suit on Friday. Baltimore Orioles catcher Matt Wieters and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brett Anderson also accepted their clubs qualifying offers. One player accepting was a MLB first, three was unexpected. 16 other players rejected their clubs’ offers and Marco Estrada worked out a deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. For more on qualifying offers CLICK HERE!
Brett Anderson, Hot stove
Brett Anderson. Getty Images.
  • Marco Estrada signs a two-year deal with Blue Jays – Estrada was extended a qualifying offer from the Blue Jays but the two parties ended up settling on a two-year deal worth $26 million. This is a win-win for both sides because Estrada, who had a career year in 2015,  wanted job security and the Blue Jays got Estrada at a cheaper price than $15.8 million a year. Some say Estrada’s year was a fluke so the Blue Jays are taking a risk but at a much lower price. If Estrada can’t replicate his 2015 numbers (which is doubtful according to Fangraphs), he can be used out of the bullpen or in some capacity for Toronto. Like I said, win-win! For more on Estrada CLICK HERE!
Kevin Kiermaier. Mitchell Layton/Getty Images.
Kevin Kiermaier. Mitchell Layton/Getty Images.
  • Platinum Glove Awards – St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina and Tampa Bay Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier were named the two best defensive players in their respective leagues. This is Molina’s fourth time winning the award and Kiermaier’s first after a truly fantastic season full of highlights. 

That’s all I have for now but that was a lot to happen in baseball on a simple Friday in November. Now the question is, as always, “Who’s Next?”

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