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A qualifying offer has been accepted, thanks Colby Rasmus!

Outfielder Colby Rasmus and the Houston Astros made history on Thursday when Rasmus became the first player to ever accept a qualifying offer. Qualifying offers have been around since the 2012-2013 offseason. It is a one-year offer based on the average salaries of the top 125 highest paid players that clubs can extend to potential free agents. The player can either accept what is this year a salary of $15.8 million or deny it. To learn more about qualifying offers CLICK HERE!

Colby Rasmus
Colby Rasmus. Getty Images.

Players have always rejected qualifying offers. That is until today. Colby Rasmus was the perfect candidate to be the first player to accept a qualifying offer.

Colby Rasmus is coming off of a not so stellar season. He is a great platoon outfielder but with the free agent class filed with similar players, sticking with the Astros for $15.8 million dollars sounds pretty good.

Most players want the stability of a multi-year deal, however, it would hurt Rasmus more to test the free agent market. $15.8 million is quite a bit of guaranteed money for one-year. He could’ve decided to test the market, could’ve ended up with a lower salary or worse, not get signed at all or until after the June draft.

He made the smart choice to stay with Houston at least one more year. He will have a chance to play on a contending team and hopefully raise his batting stats and enter free agency next season. 

Rasmus has strong defensive skills at each outfield position and he’s got some pop in his bat, hitting 25 homers in 2015. However, he hit just .238/314/.475 and racked up quite a few strikeouts. He’s a great platoon outfielder, but with a free agent class full of similar players, $15.8 million is the way to go. 

I’ve never understood why no one had ever taken the deal. I get that they may be able to make mre on the market, but this $15.8 million is GUARANTEED! I am shocked that no one had accept a qualifying offer until today but I am glad that someone FINALLY did!

Thank you Colby Rasmus!

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