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Oakland’s future looks bright, sooner than you’d think

This is a (733 words!!! WHAT??!) comment on a story about the A’s and the Josh Donaldson trade and why it will look better in the long run. You can find the story on Today’s Knuckleball … by clicking HERE. I think it could have been a bit more thorough, however, the overall sentiment is what I have been saying about all the trades, only to hear people whine and complain. I’m kind of sick of it to be honest. 

That said, I understand people’s frustration but not their shortsightedness!!! My response is directly cut and pasted from where it was posted. It will likely have more errors than usual and not have the best grammar or punctuation but it’s the overall feeling – the overall point that both the author of the original story and I are both trying to make, so take any errors with a grain of salt and try to see the overall picture of the future I am trying to paint! Thank you!!!


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Kendall Graveman. Getty Images.

“I completely agree with the overall point of your story! Completely! Beane has stocked up on as you said perfectly – “good, young, controllable pitching” – it worked before and I too see it working again. Graveman, Nolin, Manaea and I would say (a couple additions you didn’t mention) – Aaron Brooks (came over with Manaea in the Zobrist trade) and or Daniel Mengden (Scott Kazmir trade – has been solid since joining High Class-A Stockton, 3.43 ERA with 38 K’s in 39.1 innings) will be joining Sonny Gray in the Oakland rotation all within the next year or two at the latest!


Jesse Hahn as you said is another option, however, I’m not necessarily including him in the top five bc as noted he’s had Tommy John surgery already, could end up in relief so he doesn’t have to have it again.

Graveman showed signs of greatness this year – with him and Sonny as 1-2 – depending on how Manaea develops he could be the A’s number two – then Brooks, Mengden and/or Nolin – even Hahn. The A’s will have a killer rotation lead by Gray who is still just 25 and by the time they are all up in the bigs, Sonny will be the veteran at just 27 years old! I think what Beane has done – rebuilding the farm system has been fantastic.


A lot of A’s fans happen to disagree but I believe it’s because they just get too attached to certain players – then see them doing well elsewhere and get pissed but they are not taking into account that after this season we wouldn’t have been able to re-sign Yoenis Cespedes so he’d be gone anyway. He may have moved a bit early with Donaldson but again, once he hit or was going to hit free agency he’d be traded or just signed by a team with more money to work with. When Beane traded Donaldson – he KNEW he wanted Graveman and Nolin – even Franklin

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Sonny Gray. USA TODAY Sports.

Barreto who has also been tearing it up in Stockton!


Not to mention the fact that the A’s already have quite a few power hitters (including Barreto) that will be big league ready very soon! It bugs me when people (and I’ve disagreed with Beane’s moves on rare occasion) – but the thing is that people who get angry at Beane for trading All-Stars put absolutely no thought into what we are getting in return. They see the word “minor league” and automatically think that it means we got nothing, which is not the case.

The same people see Brooks who had two spectacular outings before getting hammered in his third big league outing and think he’s bad – he’s still a kid getting used to the Majors – the same could be said of Graveman and he was up here almost the entire season. He had great outings and poor ones but I wouldn’t call him inconsistent because he’s a rookie. Not everyone is Sonny Gray or Clayton Kershaw or Tim Hudson or Mark Mulder or even Barry Zito who came out of the minors to excel right away. Houston’s Dallas Keuchel who will likely win this year’s AL Cy Young Award didn’t start out this good he’s had a couple years to develop – the same goes for the Cubs’ Jake Arrieta!! He’s a late starter but he’s now literally un-hittable, almost had two or three others last season and now might beat out Zack Greinke for the AL Cy Young.


Oakland A's
Mark Mulder, Barry Zito & Tim Hudson. V.J. Lovero/Getty Images.

Anyways, I get and like your point. I completely agree with you. I wish more A’s fans did too! It’s rough hearing all the negativity to be totally honest – when I know that the same people complaining will be cheering for these kids in a season or two. Drives me nuts! It’s like – realize that theyre developing and realize that in time there is a good chance that they are going to be great.


The other thing that A’s fans need to understand that part of being a fan of the organization is being able to say goodbye to players and embrace the new guys … Anyway, good read! I wish you’d mentioned a couple more of our prospects to really make your point even stronger but nice assessment of the A’s trades (coming from a psycho A’s fanatic that’s a huge compliment! LOL! I pretty much live and breathe for the green & gold)!!! Thanks for the good read and thanks for putting up with my looooooooong comment!! Have a good one. “

I hope you were able to see the overall picture of what the Oakland A’s are doing and where they are trying to go. If you want you can read more about the future of the Oakland Athletics in the following articles:

I hope you will check them out and take my points to heart. If you are an A’s fan they might help with the frustration you are all feeling! I know I’ve made predictions in the past that have ended up being wrong, but who hasn’t? Even GMs make mistakes but I think in this case, Beane has taken the best steps possible to ensure the A’s have a winning future! Thanks for reading, have a great day and LET’S GO OAKLAND!! 🙂

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