Ron Washington

Ron Washington finds another chance with Oakland

Ron Washington is one of the most well-liked personalities in Major League Baseball, by the fans, the media, the players and his peers, despite making mistakes and having to fight his own personal demons. Washington has had his issues over the years and they’ve been quite serious, but baseball is a sport often known for giving people another chance – in many cases more than just one. So it may surprise you to learn that he actually had trouble getting back into the game after his most recent transgression.

ron washington
Ron Washington. Rob Carr/Getty Images.

Washington resigned, abruptly, last September from his position as manager of the Texas Rangers, citing “personal reasons.” He later came clean with the public in a press conference, admitting that he had been unfaithful to his wife of 43 years.

This admission came six years after he had been forgiven by the Rangers for testing positive for cocaine. In 2009, Washington admitted to using cocaine, contacting the team and the league, letting them know he’d made a mistake. The Rangers allowed Washington to remain the team’s manager under the small provision of more frequent drug testing. The very next season, he took the Rangers farther in the postseason than any other manager before him, winning the American League Pennant in 2010 and again in 2011.

But after resigning in the middle of the season in 2014, Washington was finding it hard to find work in baseball…

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Ron Washington finds redemption in Oakland

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    Always respected Ron. Good man. Made some mistakes, but who hasn’t. I think the A’s need him more.

    • I agree … he should have been made A’s manager when Geren got the job! I love BoMel – but Ron was with us for like 10 years prior to him getting the Rangers job … he should’ve been given the A’s position around that time! He’s a HUGE fan favorite (like you said everyone makes mistakes!) and EVERYONE is really happy to have him back! He’s also REALLY helped Semien reduce his # of errors – drastically! Wash is the best! 🙂

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