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Gonna be MIA for a minute … so don’t forget about me!

I just moved. No, not my blog … It’s still right here at bbstmlb.com!

But I moved from the Bay Area up to a small town in the mountains and I will not have full internet service until Wednesday!

Yikes! I mean, that’s a lot of baseball Im going to miss and a lot of MLB news! In fact, I’ve already missed that closer Sean Doolittle has finally been activated and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!!

So please excuse my approximately – oh say, five day absence. I haven’t given up on BBST and yes, I still work at Today’s Knuckleball, so please, keep on reading my stuff. This is unavoidable consequence of the move!

However I will be back ASAP! So dont give up on me just yet! Thanks!


Jen aka the Original Oakland A’s Socks Girl

Don’t forget about me!

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    No one cares

    Lol @ you pretending that you or your bullshit blogs will be missed

    • Actually … TROLL – I get pretty great traffic on my blog and at my work. Obviously, you clicked on it and upped my page views so thanks a bunch!! You the one who is a coward – can’t even use your real name?? Come on now!! Grow some balls, be a big boy! Just because nobody cares about you and you don’t put yourself out there and just hide behind your computer doesn’t mean that people don’t read my work. No one misses you!! And that’s what you have a problem about – oh and the fact that your a giants fan makes you even less credible. Now, if no one cares about my blog then why don’t you stay off it … or not follow me on Twitter or whatever … GET YOUR OWN LIFE! (not that anyone will really care!) – or you can keep living vicariously through mine! Whatevs!!!


    Congratulations on your new move. Oh and a, there’s plenty of us that do care. Good luck to you and your family 🙂

    • Thanks Raul! Hope you’re doing well and thanks as always for caring and reading my stuff!! 😀

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