Dave Dombrowski named Red Sox president of baseball operations

Dombrowski in as president of baseball operations, Cherington out as GM

The Boston Red Sox have named former Detroit Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski their new president of baseball operations. Dombrowski was recently and very suddenly released from his contract with the Tigers. At the time,  Dombrowski expressed his desire to continue working with a Major League Club in the same capacity but I don’t think anyone thought that that time would come this quickly.

Ben Cherington. Getty Images.

Current Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington was given the option to stay on as the team’s GM but declined the opportunity. He will stay on to help during the transition. Whether Dombrowski will function as both the GM and president of baseball operations or the Red Sox will be on the market for a new GM is unclear at this point. However, it appears he and the team are leaning towards hiring another GM with Cherington’s assistance.  

The Red Sox had already hired Jerry Dipoto former GM of the Los Angeles Angels, who abruptly resigned from his position due to what you could call ‘irreconcilable differences’ with team manager Mike Scioscia, on an interim basis for an “unspecified” assisting role in the front office.

Some believed that hiring DiPoto would mean that the Red Sox would not go after Dombrowski as their president of baseball operations but they were operating under their own assumptions and not the thought processes of principal owner John Henry. Those people must have forgotten that the two had worked together before, when Henry owned the then-Florida Marlins. Dombrowski, working as the team’s general manager, led the Marlins to a World Series win in 1997. 

Henry, Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner and Mike Gordon, the President of the Fenway Sports Group, reportedly met with Dombrowski in Chicago early last week. In his statement Henry said

“I have known Dave very well for a long time. Tom and I have no doubts that Dave is the right person to strengthen our baseball operations group going forward. He is one of the most highly regarded executives in all of baseball, and had options to go with other Clubs. We feel very fortunate that he wanted to come to Boston, and wanted to further his career — now with the Red Sox — as one of the great architects of winning baseball clubs.”

Said Werner,

“Although we have achieved tremendous success over the last 14 seasons, we had reached a clear internal consensus that we needed to enhance our baseball operation. In nearly four decades in the game, Dave is a proven winner and he can restore winning ways to Yawkey Way and help to fulfill the Red Sox goal, every year, to be playing meaningful games into October.”

Dave Dombrowski
Dave Dombrowski. Getty Images.

Dombrowski let it be known he felt honored to be working for the Red Sox and was eager to get started immediately. It was only a short matter of time until someone scooped up Dombrowski and the Red Sox appear to be a very good fit. It should be interesting to see what Dombrowski does to turn the Red Sox around.

He did win one World Series with the Marlins and took the Detroit Tigers to two, ultimately coming home with two American League Pennants but it certainly shows what he can do.

I doubt the Tigers knew what they were doing when he was “released” to pursue other opportunities. This is a good one for Dombrowski and he will more than likely make the most of it.

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