AL Wild Card race

A’s play spoiler, despite loss, in crazy AL Wild Card race

On a (not so great) record-breaking Sunday for the Oakland Athletics, broadcasters Ray Fosse and Glen Kuiper talked about the A’s and their potential to use their losing season to play spoilers. By spoilers they, mean keeping their rival teams out of the playoffs. I can’t recall who said what to whom, but it went something like this,

Broadcaster one: “So what do the A’s need to do to be spoilers?”

Broadcaster two: “Well, for starters, they need to win games.”

That may not necessarily be the case. On a day where the Athletics set a franchise record for hits allowed in a single inning (10) and in an American League game (26), and in which a first baseman (A’s Ike Davis) pitched in the top of the eighth inning the opposing team’s pitcher (Baltimore Orioles’ Jason Garcia), the A’s acted as spoilers for their division rival Los Angeles Angels by losing their game by the score of 18-2.

al wild card race
A’s first baseman Ike Davis pitches to Orioles’ pitcher Jason Garcia. Getty Images.

The Angels, who had lost ten of their last 15 contests, made what is already a crazy race towards the postseason in the American League West – and even moreso in the American League wild card race – that much crazier. 

For more on the AL postseason race use the link below to read the rest of my post on Today’s Knuckleball:

A’s play spoiler despite loss in crazy AL Wild Card race

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