Is Cano’s contract the worst in baseball today?

After the 2013 season, Robinson Cano, arguably the best second baseman in baseball, surprised everyone by electing to explore free agency instead of immediately re-signing with the New York Yankees – the only team he had played with during his nine-year career. Still, it was widely assumed that he would become the next in a line of Yankees to play his entire career wearing pinstripes (Jeter, Rivera, Posada, etc.).

In December of that year, he further shocked the baseball community when he signed with the Seattle Mariners for 10 years and $240 million. The Yankees’ highest offer reportedly came in at $175 million for seven years and Cano, under the new management of rapper Jay-Z and his company Roc Nation, got the Mariners to blow the Yankees’ right out of the water.

Now a little over a season and a half of baseball has been played and some are wondering whether or not Cano’s contract was worth it for the Mariners. It’s even been said that his contract – one which binds him to the Mariners for the next eight seasons – might be the worst contract in baseball.

For more on this story and to find out which teams may have it worse off than the Seattle Mariners check out the rest of my post on Today’s Knuckleball using the link below:

Is Robinson Cano’s contract the worst in baseball today?

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