Forecasting the future Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics built for the future this trade deadline. What does that future actually look like, and when will it be? Step into our time machine.

Chances are, if you’re a fan of the Oakland Athletics you are a bit sick of losing and not too happy that Billy Beane has, for all intents and purposes, thrown up the white flag and given up on the 2015 season. However, it doesn’t appear that you’ll have to wait long for the team to be back in contention.

It’s true, the Oakland Athletics are rebuilding. General manager Billy Beane has done a tremendous job at stockpiling young, talented prospects and re-filling the A’s farm system. In order for the A’s to succeed in the future they have to have one. And having one means having players in the farm system that will come up and be stars for the A’s as well as having more to trade for accomplished veterans to compliment the new young team.

Check out my slideshow going position by position to see what the team may look like around 2018-2020 on Today’s Knuckleball using the link below:

Forecasting the Future Oakland Athletics

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