Keuchel and Kazmir

How do Astros’ Keuchel and Kazmir compare to competition?

When you think of the best front of the rotation starters in baseball, who comes to mind? If you’ve watched baseball at all within the last five years, then the first pair of pitchers your mind should go to should be the Los Angeles Dodgers’ starters Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke.  They are undoubtedly the best one-two punch in baseball. It’s not even worth questioning.

Matt Harvey. Jason Myers/Getty Images.
Matt Harvey. Jason Myers/Getty Images.

However, there are other good combinations out there such as the New York Mets’ Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom. While they may not involve a three-time Cy Young Award winner who is also the reigning National League MVP and another Cy Young Award winner and three-time All-Star, they include younger pitchers on the rise who have the potential to rival the dynamic duo that is Kershaw and Greinke.

One of those combos just became a pair at the 2015 MLB non-waiver trade deadline. It happened when the Oakland Athletics sent left-hander Scott Kazmir to the Houston Astros where he joined up with their ace, another left-hander, Dallas Keuchel. Keuchel and Kazmir together are just as good as any of the elite pitching duos in the game. To read the rest of this post check out Today’s Knuckleball via the link below:

Can Keuchel and Kazmir compete with other elite duos?

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