Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton will always be the villain in Anaheim

Josh Hamilton will always be a villain in Anaheim. He was booed upon his return to Angels Stadium for the first time since being sent back to the Texas Rangers. The booing continued throughout the weekend as the Rangers took the series, three games to one, over the Los Angeles Angels.

Many, including myself, were asking the same question, “Why is Hamilton still being booed by the fans in Anaheim?” This question is especially relevant as Hamilton has said that he was booed there while he was still wearing an Angels uniform because he was struggling at the plate.

If this past weekend’s series and a not-so-small smattering of comments on the internet are any indication, Josh Hamilton will forever be a villain in LA. For more on this story check out Today’s Knuckleball using the link below:

Hamilton stuck as villain in Anaheim

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    He was booed because the fans in LA are stupid. They should be booing the organization for letting him go and treating him like dirt. Btw, how’s LF treating you guys this year?

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