A-Rod, Hamels & Andrus – Saturday’s must-see moments (video)


Honestly, I haven’t the slightest clue what Texas Rangers’ second baseman Elvis Andrus was thinking. First of all, I’ve never seen anyone EVER throw their glove at a ball in play, not ever in over three decades of watching the sport. That was weird. Like hella weird.

Come to find out it is illegal as well. Andrus got lucky because his glove did not hit the live baseball. If it had the Angels would have been allowed three bases, even if it scored runs, according to the Official Rules of Major League Baseball:

Official MLB Rules.

People were not pleased, starting (of course and as usual) with Los Angeles Angels’ manger Mike Scioscia. Jeff Banister, the Rangers’ manager, appeared to be more surprised than anything but later said, 

“My reaction is that I don’t think that’s the way we want to play it,” Banister said. “I think it was a momentary lapse of awareness. It’s only the second time I’ve seen it in my career. I don’t think you will see it happen again here.”

The “other time” that Bannister was talking about was another member of the Rangers, third baseman Adrian Beltre. However, when Beltre threw his glove it didn’t come close to the ball. Andrus apologized and has promised never to do it again. That’s a good thing, what team needs a three-base error?! Seriously! (Oh and the Rangers took the series from the Angels defeating them for the second straight day by the score of 7-6).




That was the video of Alex Rodriguez‘s third home run of the night and it tied the game for the New York Yankees. Down a run in the ninth A-Rod’s homer spurred a ninth-inning rally that led to a Yankees win over the Minnesota Twins by the score of 8-5.

It was the fifth three-homer game of Rodriguez’s career. He’s now tied for second all-time in three-homer games.




Cole Hamels was all but untouchable Saturday, pitching the 13th no-hitter in the history of the Philadelphia Phillies. Not only did Hamels etch himself in Phillies’ history, he etched himself into the Chicago Cubs’ history by no-hitting them at Wrigley Field. It was the first no-hitter thrown at Wrigley Field since Sandy Kofax pitched a perfect game in 1965, the same time the Beatles’ “Help!” was number one on the charts.  And Hamels did all this amid trade rumors with the deadline looming. The trade deadline is Friday at 4pm ET. 

Almost as impressive as Hamels’ no-no was the catch that saved it. Odubel Herrera caught a ball that looked as though it might be gone. With two outs in the ninth-inning and Cubs’ rookie phenom Kris Bryant hit a high fly ball all the way to the warning track and Herrera either misread the ball or made an amazing no-no saving grab, or both. He fell to the ground but game up with the ball thus cementing Hamels once again into history.

It was Hamels’ first no-hitter but he’s already been the MVP of the World Series for the Phillies and is considered one of the league’s premiere left-handers. If he does get traded by the deadline this could very well have been his last start in a Phillies’ uniform. IF it is actually his last start for Philadelphia, no one can ever say that Cole Hamel doesn’t know how to make an exit.

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