Three Potential Trades for the Oakland A’s

It’s nearly impossible to tell what Athletics GM Billy Beane is going to do at the trade deadline. Instead, here are three moves he could make.

I’ve already established that we still don’t know what Billy Beane is going to do at the trade deadline. He hasn’t (as many expected) made a move yet, and there are just 18 days to go until the July 31 trade deadline. That’s certainly plenty of time for Beane to make a deal, and while there is a chance he could stand pat, he’ll more likely use his soon-to-be-free-agent trade chips in Ben Zobrist, Scott Kazmir and Tyler Clippard to replenish the Athletics depleted farm system.

So, what kind of player or prospects would the A’s be in the market for? On FanRagSports’ Today’s Knuckleball I propose three possible trades that Beane could make. You can find the rest of the post using the link below:

Three potential Athletics Trades

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  • Mike Burrill

    On our end, I’ve heard rumors of the Tigers scouting Kazmir. If the A’s need outfield help, that’s about the only thing Detroit has in the system. Not sure if Billy would ask for Moya in return, and not sure if DD would be willing to part with him at this point, either. Then again, Detroit’s outfield is actually pretty good right now so who knows. If Oakland plans on re-building, Detroit has a few solid prospects in the low minors also. I personally think the Tigers need to be selling and re-building their system, though.

    • I too heard about them scouting Kazmir. It was after I wrote this but that’s ok. The thing is I don’t even know what the A’s would want, definitely prospects but we will need outfield help when Reddick hits free agency after next season so idk what Billy may do … actually I have a sneaking suspicion that Billy is not going to do anything. I think he put together a good team and we’ve just been really unlucky … we’ve played poorly on defense that is true but we shouldn’t have the record we have … I agree about Detroit. I think it’s time to start a re-build. They had a nice long run and their players are starting to age – esp Victor Martinez. I don’t know how old Kinsler and JD Martinez are but those are my two faves on the Tigers … they could use pitching I think too …. ok, I’m rambling! Thanks for the comment Mike! ~ Jen

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