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A’s end the first half with a little magic, can it continue?

Just when I was truly about to give up my hope that the Oakland A’s might have a magical second half since it’s already way past game 81, some magical things happened in Cleveland! Plus, I’ve always considered the second half starting after the All-Star break. Today, hope has been renewed by some (not so?) coincidental events.

I’ll just give you an example and then let you read the full story but the A’s two All-Stars starting pitcher Sonny Gray and catcher/occasional first baseman Stephen Vogt combined their skills today to win the game for the A’s. Gray pitched a complete game two-hit shutout with Vogt as his battery mate and Vogt hit a two-run home run off of reigning Cy Young Award winner the Cleveland Indians’ Corey Kluber. They were the only runs scored in the entire game. Vogt and Gray then joined their families on a party bus en-route to the 2015 All-Star Game in Cincinnati.

If that doesn’t seem like destiny or some kind of sign then I don’t know what is! Yet, there are more signs or coincidences that made Sunday’s game special. Are they signs of future success for the A’s? Read more in my post on FanRag Sports’ Today’s Knuckleball via the link below: 

Could there still be a little magic left for the 2015 Oakland Athletics?

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