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Is Albert Pujols making you question what year it is?

Albert Pujols is pacing the league in home runs, representing his league in the All-Star Game, and participating in the home run derby. What year is it?

Does it feel like you are living in some kind of dream? Like perhaps you are living in the past, say 2009? The first African American has just been inaugurated as the President of the United States, Ben Rothlisberger has recently led the Pittsburgh Steelers to their NFL-leading sixth Super Bowl victory and the Los Angeles Lakers are still a force in the NBA?

No, it’s not just you. It’s the Albert Pujols syndrome, and it’s making it’s way from the AL West to the league’s center stage. Pujols has been partying like it’s 2009! For more on this story use the link below to go to FanRag Sports’ Today’s Knuckleball:

Albert Pujols is partying like it’s 2009!

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  • Bevo Martini

    Albert Pujols is the best player of his generation.

    • I agree but for about three seasons there you can’t tell me he was one of the best. You just can’t. He’s struggled since moving to LAA! This year it’s like the last 5 years never happened and he’s back! And I’m very happy to see that!! People said he was aging and that was hard to believe at just 32 but it appears he’s back healthy and to his old self!

      • Bevo Martini

        No other player has put up Albert´s numbers
        in less than 15 years of playing baseball. Even

        Hank Aaron is behind Albert Pujols.

        Thanks for your reply.

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