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Trade Deadline Preview: Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers are holding steady in third place in the AL West behind the Los Angeles Angels and the first place Houston Astros. There is always a chance that Texas could make a push down the stretch and catch the Astros but that doesn’t have to be their endgame anymore.

With the addition of the second Wild Card and the success last season of the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants, every team believes that they have a chance at the playoffs. Once they’re in the postseason, as was proven by the Royals and Giants, anything can happen. A lot comes down to luck and good timing, think Madison Bumgarner‘s World Series performance.

Still in order to get there the Rangers will need to secure that second Wild Card spot in the American League. In order to even have a chance at doing this they need to look at their starting pitching but most importantly they will need bullpen help at the trade deadline. How big a price they are willing to pay may depend on where they end up in October. Check out my latest column on the Rangers on FanRag Sports’ Today’s Knuckleball using the link below:

What will the Texas Rangers do at the trade deadline?

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