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Ryne Sandberg steps down as Phillies manager

Interestingly and surprisingly Philadelphia Phillies’ manager Ryne Sandberg resigned. No one expected him to be the manager in 2016 anyway, but then again no one expect him to resign mid-way through the season either.

Friday the Phillies’ announced that Pete Mackanin will be the Phillies’ interm manager for the remainder of the season. After that? Who knows?

Here’s the thing though, at least for me, the Phillies are terrible and have been for quite some time. Sandberg only took over the struggling ball club in late 2013. It hardly seems as though he is the cause of their unsuccessful seasons.

General manager Ruban Amaro Jr. is a man with his head either in the clouds or up his ass. He’s had multiple chances to trade prime players like Cole Hamels and Jonathan Papelbon but he’s always asking for too much in return.

He actually asked the the Red Sox for both top prospects catcher Blake Swihart and outfielder Mookie Betts in exchange for Hamels. Hamels is on the of the elite pitchers in the National League and probably the top left hander. Yet, Amaro’s prices are just too high and other teams just scoff at the thought of trading with him.

Amaro will need to lower his standards if he ever wants to rebuild his again team and well, keep his job. Honestly, I’m not surprised that he hasn’t been fired, or like Sandberg resigned with some dignity left.

Sandberg wasn’t the best manager but the fact that the Phillies are on pace to lost 105 games this season isn’t exactly his fault. Still, Sandberg never really appeared to connect with his players who were publicly questioning his leadership. He also had problems with shortstop Jimmy Rollins (who is now on the Los Angeles Dodgers) during spring training and also first baseman Ryan Howard in July of last year.

Sandberg said that the decision was not an easy on, that he had been contemplating it for weeks knowing that there were changes were already in the works within the Phillies’ organization. Sources told MLB.com that Andy MacPhil is going to be joining the Phillies’ front office having a significant role, meaning that a reshaping of the organization’s staff would be happening all the way down to the manager and the coaching staff.

Sandberg saw what is on the horizon and beat the Phillies to the punch by resigning. Here you can watch as  Ryne Sandberg emotionally talks about his resignation with Ruben Amaro there too, of course chime in.

  • Mike Burrill

    That’s too bad about Sandberg. He was one of my favorite players when I was a kid, and we had a chance to meet him when he was managing in the Midwest League for Peoria. He always had solid seasons with the Minor League teams, and always wondered why the Cubs never gave him a fair chance. I know that ship has sailed, but I’m sure he’ll have no trouble finding a job with some organization, in some capacity. I have a lot of respect for him being a HOF player, and giving back to the sport through coaching. He worked his way up through the minors, and at least he finally got his shot.

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