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The Billy Burns show in Oakland just keeps getting better

Billy Burns on second 12-game hitting streak in last 25 games

When I last wrote about the Oakland Athletics’ center fielder, rookie Billy Burns, on Wednesday, June 11 he was just coming off a long  hitting streak. The streak spanned 12-games between May 26-June 8. He had three multi-hit games and a total of 18 hits, including 2 doubles, two triples, a home run and six RBI. 

Burns did not get a hit in the Athletics’ game game against the Rangers on June 9, but jumped back on the hitting wagon the next day adding another two hits to help the A’s defeat the Rangers by the score of 5-4. He hasn’t stopped hitting since.

Billy Burns
Billy Burns & Marcus Semien. Getty Images.

As of June 22, Burns has had at least one hit in every game since June 9. He’s on another 12-game hitting streak. Burns is the switch-hitting lead-off hitter the A’s needed to replace Coco Crisp, who is currently on the 60-day disabled list. 

During his most recent 12-game hitting streak Burns has six-multi hit games, a double, a triple, seven RBI and a total of 20 hits. In three of his multi-hit games he’s gotten three hits.

Burns gets on base, mostly due to his speed as he can beat out just about any infield hit. The switch-hitting rookie is began his career as a right-handed hitter but learned to bat left-handed in the minor leagues because of his incredible speed. He’s a couple steps closer to first base batting left, giving him that much more of an  opportunity to manufacture a hit on an infield ground ball. He does that a lot.

So far this season Burns has a slashline of .323/.367/.421 on the year.He swipes bags without issue and already has 15 on the year. 

While not a power hitter Burns can take a pitcher deep under the right circumstances and to everyone’s surprise he’s hit two home runs so far this season. I’d be surprised if the 25-year-old got as many as five homer runs by the end of the season. 

billy burns
Billy Burns. Lisa Bloomfield/Getty Images.

He may not impressively hit for power like fellow rookies Carlos Correa, Joey Gallo or Kris Bryant but Burns plays with a maturity they don’t yet have. He’s got more confidence and his defensive heroics are practically that of legend.

If that’s hard to believe, ask A’s starter Scott Kazmir who has been saved from home runs and extra base hits, in spectacular fashion in most of his starts this season, by Burns. That is just one starting pitcher out of five who would vouch for Burn’s ability in the field.

I keep writing about Burns simply because I think that he could end up being overlooked for the American League Rookie of the Year award, assuming he keeps up this level of play and obviously he has shown no signs of slowing down, because of rookie call-ups like Correa. It doesn’t hurt that Correa is on a first place team either.

Billy Burns needs to be noticed by people outside of Oakland. Members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) need to listen to their former (and first female) president of the association, Susan Slusser, who recently wrote that Burns has been the one giving the A’s the spark that they have been looking for.

So whether you are a member of the BBWAA or just a regular fan, as I said in my previous post on Burns, you don’t want to miss out on the show Billy Burns is putting on in Oakland. It really is quite spectacular. 

Burns deserves (at least thus far) to be seen as a AL Rookie of the Year candidate. His hitting streaks and on-field achievements speak for themselves. So remember to watch Burns’ highlights or a A’s game to see Oakland’s A’s switch-hitting center fielder, the speedster Billy Burns in action.

Burns is good, really good and deserves to be at least mentioned when the “experts’ and insiders talk about rookies and the Rookie of the Year Award! 

For more on Billy Burns, including video of some of his awesome defensive plays … CLICK HERE!

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