Bryce Harper, hamstring injuries

Are hamstring injuries hurting your fantasy baseball team?

Three major stars went down this week with hamstring injuries. Philadelphia Phillies’ ace, left-hander Cole Hamels missed a start, although now it appears he’ll be ok. 

Washington Nationals’ star Bryce Harper was kept out of the lineup Friday after slipping on some wet grass Thursday after a rain delay.

Houston Astros’ star, the reigning MLB batting champion Jose Altuve has been in and out – but mostly out – of the Astros’ lineup all week after injuring his hamstring during the first inning of the Astros vs. Mariners game last week.

You remember, because it is pretty hard to forget, when the Astros’ batted around and beat up the Seattle Mariners’ “King” Felix Hernandez for eight runs in the first inning. 

Hernandez was removed before he could even retire the game’s second batter. It was the worst start of his career. However, in the long run it could end up being an even worse game for Houston. If Altuve is injured that could spell trouble in Texas, despite the club’s slugging lineup. 

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Hamstring injuries hitting big stars this week

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