Should Sandoval have been benched? I had mixed reactions

Ok, I have two separate feelings regarding Boston Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval, aka Panda, being benched for using his phone during games.

My first reaction to the first Tweet I saw was very different that the one I had once I learned a little more about what happened and about the league rules.

The first reaction was that these are adults. They are not in high school and managers shouldn’t be able to just take away their phone like they’re children. I hated high school so I tested out of it sophomore year and went to community college and then transferred to SMC.

A main part of it that I hated so much was that we were treated like little morons and if you weren’t just a sheep in the herd doing what everyone else was doing … basically conforming … then you were the black sheep. I was the black sheep.

The “authorities” at the school said I would never get into a good college for leaving their stupid school early. Well I did and I was a lot happier.

So that is why my initial response was of indignation but really the fact is that he’s a professional being payed millions of dollars and he should act like a professional.

Most people are not allowed to play with their phones at the workplace so what makes him any different? It doesn’t and he’s not.

Of course that should have been my last thought on the benching of Panda by manager John Farrell.

Then this thought decided to intrude and keep me writing:

I don’t think they technically “suspend” adults who get caught using their phones in the office, so being benched (which is basically being “suspended”) seems like too harsh a punishment.

Then again maybe not,

While he was in the bathroom? Liking pictures of women? Come on if you’re not thinking that sounds a little weird, then you might be weird too. J/K! LOL! 😉

Apparently there are rules in baseball that prohibit players using their phone during games. Fair enough. He confessed and got benched. He was not fined by the Red Sox and personally apologized to Farrell and GM Ben Cherington.

However, he is still subject to discipline from the league but it doesn’t appear likely to happen. The incident Wednesday night was a small one, albeit pretty hilarious!

Still, what do you think? Should Panda have gotten benched or not? Go ahead leave a comment and/or vote in BBST’s latest poll:



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