What baseball means to me

What baseball means to me: a guest post for 9inningknowitall.com

what baseball means to me
Mom and I at O.Co Coliseum. 2015

I wrote a guest post for another great baseball blog called 9 Inning Know It All. I noticed that they’d done a series of guest posts titled ” What baseball means to me” and ended up going through and reading most of them and leaving comments.

what baseball means to me

I was contacted by one of their editors to write my own “What baseball means to me” guest post and I was stoked! It’s the kind of post that you always want to write but never get around to actually writing because there’s breaking news or analysis that out weighs the posts that you’d like to write. 

Luckily, every once in a while you find that time. I still have a book review to do and I have always mean to write a post about the great company that keeps me up to my knees (haha!)  in all the latest sports socks. They’re called FBF Orginials and seriously have the coolest designs for every sports team you can image! I’m very grateful to them for their support and generosity! 

So as I was saying every once in a while you find the time to write one OakAsSocksGrlof those kinds of posts, like when I finally got around to writing the “History of Oakland A’s Socks Girl” it was a very satisfying venture. I don’t have to always tell the story and in this guest post on 9 Inning Know It All – I’m finally letting people know the most important reasons for my obsession with this great game!


Please check out my guest post using the link below:

What baseball means to me 

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