Bud Black

San Diego Padres relieve manager Bud Black of his duties

Monday morning the San Diego Padres announced that they have fired manager Bud Black.

The Padres are currently third in the National League West sitting at 32-33, six games behind the first place Los Angeles Dodgers and two and a half games behind the second place San Francisco Giants.That’s really not that bad of a record. For the most part they are  still in the race.

Yet, after all the moves new general manager A.J. Preller made to improve the team over the off-season, it appears he expected more than what he’s seen so far.  Clearly he doesn’t know how bad things can get! Many teams are struggling to get close to the.500 mark.

That doesn’t matter to Preller. He made moves, inlcuding bringing in Justin Upton, Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, James Shields and more. He even made a huge trade on Opening Day that brought the National League’s top closer, Craig Kimbrel, over from Atlanta.

Bud Black
A.J. Preller. Andy Hart/Getty Images.

Preller expected dramatic results, so did a lot of people. The Padres were supposed to be NL West contenders. While they are not out of the race and are only approximately 100 games into the 2015 regular season, he has not yet been impressed so he made a dramatic move.

Bud Black had been the Padres manager for nine years, worked through a lot of rebuilding periods  and was even named National League Manager of the Year in 2010,despite not making the playoffs he led his team winning 90 games that season. 

After starting off this season going 10-5, things looked good for the Padres but their offense has been lacking of late and they’ve lost four of their last six games. 

Black, 57, is well respected around the league but his dismissal isn’t a complete surprise since Preller was not the one who hired him. 

For now Dave Roberts will take over as manager for today’s game against the Oakland Athletics and it has been noted that the Padres executives are on a furious to mission to find a new or at least interim manager as soon as possible.


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