Dillon Gee

Dillon Gee sent to the bullpen, Mets go back to 5-man rotation

Dillon Gee frustrated by Mets’ move

New York Mets’ manager Terry Collins apologized to Dillon Gee for the news he was about to give him. Gee, one of the Mets’ longest tenured players was being demoted from the starting rotation to the bullpen.

The Mets were going to try and use a six-man rotation that included Gee, to shave off the number of innings pitcher like Matt Harvey, who is coming off of Tommy John surgery, and Jacob deGrom, who is just in his sophomore season, would pitch over the course of the season. 

Why they changed their minds is a mystery and it leaves a ton of questions surrounding Gee’s future with the ball club. 

“This is kind of like not good for anybody,” Gee said, referencing the Mets’ already-crowded bullpen and his inexperience there. “I felt like any value, if I had any at all before this, it’s probably gone. What am I going to do out of the ‘pen? I just felt like there’s really not a whole lot of good that comes from it. If there was any glimmer of value before this, I don’t see how it will be any more with me moved to the ‘pen.”

Of course Gee was disappointed and he endured countless trade rumors over the off-season, reported to spring training as a member of the bullpen. He was moved into the starting rotation when Zach Wheeler’s season ended with Tommy John surgery. 

Then there was the controversy in the front office over whether or not they should go with Rafael Montero and not Gee, but Gee won out.

He may have won out but he then fell victim to a groin injury that kept him out for an entire month. After a few rehab starts Gee had a bad outing on his first start back with the big-league club . 

It appears that, it was that outing that changed the Mets’ minds to go back to a five-man starting rotation. He’ll likely make some spot starts for the team but, now relegated to the bullpen, Gee is frustrated and unhappy. He is the Mets’ second-winningest pitcher over his past seven seasons with the team.

“I’m almost at the point now where I don’t even care anymore,” Gee said. “I’m kind of just over it all. I’m going to do the best I can out of the ‘pen now.”

Can you blame the guy? I can’t and even though Collins was the one to deliver the unwanted news, he couldn’t blame him either saying

“He’s fought so many obstacles ever since I’ve been a New York Met. The strange injuries that have occurred in his career, he’s fought through them and he’s made himself a very good Major League pitcher. Right now, I need him to be a very good Major League relief pitcher.”

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