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Rangers’ Josh Hamilton out 4 weeks

I may have spoken too soon saying that the Los Angeles Angels trading Josh Hamilton to the Texas Rangers was backfiring. I mean it was while it lasted. I guess (personally I hope) it could be again but we won’t know that now until July.

Since returning to the Rangers on May 25th, Hamilton was 5-22 with five RBI and two home runs. Both home runs came on May 29th against the Boston Red Sox. It was the ninth multi-homer game of his career.

His biggest hit however was a game-winning walk-off double on Sunday. Texas ended up taking three games of the four game series against Boston mostly thanks to Josh Hamilton.

While that double won the game, it was announced Wednesday night that it also has caused the Rangers to lose Josh Hamilton until July. Hamilton will be sidelined now for approximately four weeks with a Grade 2 hamstring strain that he suffered while running out his game-winning double.

There was no indication that Hamilton was injured prior to that double. He had been given a routine day off on Sunday but came in to pinch hit in the ninth. 

There was no real indication that the injury was as serious as it turned out to be. Hamilton was listed as  day-to-day, having hamstring tightness. He sat out both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, this news comes just after they lost third baseman Adrian Beltre to a sprained thumb. Beltre will only be out two weeks and the club has called up rookie sensation Joey Gallo to fill in for him.

Gallo flirted with the cycle in his first game with Texas and he hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. The question for the Rangers is where they will use Gallo and if he will remain with the ball club once Beltre returns. 

Gallo spent a few games playing in outfield in the minors in order to increase his versatility but whether or not that means he’d be able to handle the position is questionable.

The Rangers may have to go with the mix and match system they used prior to Hamilton’s return. Hamilton was recovering from a relapse on drugs and alcohol as well as having had off-season shoulder surgery.

The poor guy has had a rough few months and hamstring injuries, especially those above Grade 1, can sometimes be tricky to return from. For his sake let’s hope that he can pick up his comeback where he left off when he returns in a month.

Upon returning to the Rangers Hamilton was looking like the Josh Hamilton we all remembered before he signed with the Angels. His two seasons with the Angels were injury ridden and his performance wasn’t up to par. They were more than happy to be rid of him and they made it known publicly. 

Here’s to hoping that the glimpse of Hamilton that we saw during the last week of May, will be the same Hamilton we see once his hamstring has healed. 

  • Roaringchicken

    Ironically I’m sure, but he enters the DL with Major League Service Time at exactly 8 years, a milestone of some sort. And 4 weeks gets him past mid-season drug testing, since you can only be tested if you’re on the active 40-man roster. All the best to Josh, but baseball is a business first.

    • While I understand and see your logic. You make some very valid points, esp. about the game being a business first. I completely agree and remind people of that very fact all the time. I just (and maybe I’m being to optimistic) highly doubt Hamilton is currently still doing drugs.

      He has been drug tested three times a week (I know this but would/can need to take a minute to find proper documentation to cite a reference) since back when he was on the Rangers – by the league I believe.. I hardly imagine that changing now whether he is on the disabled list or not, my thoughts would be that he would still be receiving regular testing. I think there are exceptions to the 40-man roster rule under certain circumstances.

      If he is struggling and using again and the Rangers know it then they are doing the right thing, helping him work back towards sobriety and save a little face after what he has been through in the past few months. And also what the Angels put him (that was absolutely despicable and completely uncalled for. Such a shitty organization!!)

      The really wouldn’t be saving all that much money-wise if he were suspended because the Angels are paying the majority of his salary and he also forfeited some of his contract money to be able to return to the Rangers where he knew they would help him instead of ridiculing him.

      I’m not even the biggest fan of him tearing it up on the Rangers because I’m an A’s fan so it doesn’t exactly help my team. The timing is somewhat suspicious and thank you for pointing that out. With as forthcoming Hamilton has been bout all this – his relapse, etc. – I don’t think (or at least I truly hope) that he isn’t back on drugs or if he is that they worked something out where he could get help privately.

      Anyway, sorry for the long response! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my post! Thanks and have a great day! Hope your team wins today (unless you are a Tigers fan because the A’s are going for the sweep here in about an hour! LOL!!! 🙂 )


    Damn that sucks. This dude has the worst luck. And right when he started to get hot.

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