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On this day in MLB history 1977 … Can you answer my trivia question?

On this day in 1977 in MLB history, my all-time favorite player (that’s played in my lifetime), Dennis Eckersley, pitched a no-hitter for the Cleveland Indians who defeated the California Angels and pitcher Frank Tanana by a score of 1-0. 

As you all probably know Eck went on to become one of the greatest closers of all-time with the Oakland Athletics but he started his career as a starter and threw a no-hitter for Cleveland on May 30, 1977. He is now in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Now my trivia question for you is this …..  Who was the catcher in that game??

I know! Do you?? Leave a comment if you do! It’s not that hard but it’s one of my favorite bits of trivia!! I’ll come back in tomorrow and put the answer below the pic! Let’s see who gets it right shall we? And ready, set, GO!

mlb history
Dennis Eckersley. 1977, Cleveland Indians.

Answer: Ray Fosse!

Congrats to those of you who were correct! I know it was an easy one for most A’s fans! LOL! I will try to pick tougher trivia in the future!

**If anyone has any ideas of possible prizes I can give to the first person to answer correctly – or possibly choose a name at random out of those who answered correctly – please leave a comment and let me know! I could use some good ideas! Oh and next time (once I think of prizes) you have to comment on the post HERE ON BBST (not just on Facebook) to be eligible to win! I really need help with prize ideas so PLEASE HELP ME OUT and leave your ideas in the comments section! THANK YOU!

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