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Update: A’s Jarrod Parker has broken bone in elbow

Update: May 10, 2015 1:56 pm PT

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser reported the bad news about Jarrod Parker. Although bad news was expected, what happened to Jarrod Parker on Friday night in Nashville was worse than previously thought.

Parker has a broken bone in his right elbow, exactly 

“where the graft for his surgically reconstructed ligament is anchored,” writes Slusser.

The injury is unusual and it is not clear yet whether the 26-year-old Parker will need a third Tommy John surgery or not. The surgeons will not know until they go into the elbow to repair the fracture.

While the broken bone is unusual, it’s absolutely possible. Where Parker’s bone was broken was where holes are drilled during the procedure, which he has now had twice, to attach the replacement ligament.

Obviously, repeat surgeries will further weaken the bone and in Parker’s case it was too much.

The fracture happened while Parker was close to the end of his rehabilitation, which had otherwise been going smoothly. A’s general manager Billy Beane couldn’t believe it saying 

“If anything, I thought we were very conservative last year when we set up this schedule. … Jarrod had his surgery (in March 2014). He was doing very well, he had good velocity. For something like this to happen, at the very end of his rehab, too, is kind of a shocker.”

Parker has been officially moved to the 60-day disabled list. There is no timetable for his return, if he ever is able to make one.

Original Text: May 8, 2015 9:59 pm PT

I’m sorry but I have to say that I’ve seen this coming for forever. The only pitcher to return from their second Tommy John surgery to make more than ten starts is the New York Yankees’ Chris Capuano (who is currently back on the DL). Most who come back from their second procedure are lucky if they can pitch in relief.

Things were going to well with the Oakland A’s Jarrod Parker. He was doing fine in his rehab starts, just a year after his second Tommy John surgery. Everyone was starting to get excited about his return but in my head I just kept worrying “but it is his SECOND surgery!”

Unfortunately my instincts and just basic historical trends seen to have been correct. Parker went down Friday night during a rehab start for the A’s Triple-A affiliate, the Nashville Sounds. He’d made a couple starts at Single-A Stockton without any trouble but the reports from spectators at the game, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser, are not good.

Parker went down on the mound, clutching his right arm, according to numerous fans, and one observer said Parker was in tears coming off the field, Slusser writes.

The only word from the ballclub is that Parker left the game with a right elbow injury. There won’t be further comment from the club until Parker is examined by the medical staff.

Yes, that is what the club says but if the reports of observers at the game are any indication, it’s highly likely that Jarrod Parker will never pitch in the major leagues or anywhere else ever again.

Is it tragic that Parker’s career is going to be over at the young age of 26 years old? Absolutely. Is it sad that pitchers have been dropping like flies since 2012 with torn ulnar collateral ligaments? Yes!

They then have to undergo a painful procedure that takes a year to 18 months to recover from. Some will be the same pitcher that they were before, others won’t. After a second surgery the chances of coming back are slim.

While Parker must have known the risks, that there was a chance he may never pitch again. I doubt he really believed it. Yet reality hit him Friday night in Tennessee. That really sucks, to put it bluntly.  He’s so young and had so much potential.

Something has got to be done to stop this Tommy John epidemic. It’s taking too much talent out of the world. In my opinion it starts with overworking kids at too young an age but I’m not a specialist or a doctor. The fact is though that something must be done!

I’m so sorry to say it but I’d be very surprised if Parker can recover from this setback. 🙁

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