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2015 All-Star Game Ballot

Before we get started here my one hope that you get out of this post is …. VOTE FOR VOGT!! Because all of Oakland loves to chant #IBelieveinStephenVogt for a reason! There is also the fact that I was raised an American League fan. My reasoning for picking some of the National League players may be shorter or based on just who I like … too bad, if you don’t like that! LOL! But it is my ballot! So here we go! 😀

Oakland A’s Socks Girl’s 2015 All-Star Game ballot

First Base

AL Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers – This one was a tough one for me between Cabrera and the Chicago White Sox Jose Abreu. Ultimately Cabrera’s, a former back to back AL MVP and 2012 Triple Crown winner, numbers thus far in every category were better, especially in batting average, so my vote went to Cabrera.

NL Goldy aka Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks – Easy peasy for my vote here. Goldy is always a quality MVP candidate, even when his team isn’t. Plus, he’s on my fantasy team. I just like him.

All-Star Game ballots
Jose Altuve. USA TODAY Sports

Second Base

ALHands down, no question Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros. Yes, of course there is Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners who has long been considered easily the best second baseman in baseball, however, the 24-year-old Altuve is on the verge of taking that title away from the veteran. And boy is he fun to watch – even when he is beating your team! Who doesn’t love the 5’4″ dynamo!

NLDJ LeMahieu, Colorado Rockies – This kid may just be off to a great start and could very well slow down but as it is now, he’s got my vote for the 2015 All-Star Game.

Third Base

ALJosh Donaldson, Toronto Blue Jays – I didn’t choose Donaldson because he used to be an Athletic. I chose him because his numbers are good and I’ve personally seen him play. I’ve seen the walk-offs and the tarp dive grabs, I just think over guys like Pablo Sandoval, Evan Longoria and Adrian Beltre that Donaldson is more clutch overall. I do know Sandoval’s postseason record. While Donaldson might not always play the best defense, when he does it’s truly incredible to watch. Just ask the tarp on the third base line at the Coliseum!

NL Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies – What can I say? I like this Rockies team and I think barring injury Arenado could be one of the league’s newest stars. He’s started out hot this season and plays some pretty bad ass defense.


All-Star Game ballot
Marcus Semien. Norm Hall/Getty Images.

ALMarcus Semien, Oakland Athletics – My first of the chosen players from the A’s. He may not be leading all shortstops in every category but I believe he’s and up and coming name that you should know. He’s leading the league in games played with 30 as of May 7. He can play third and second base along with shortstop. He’s hitting .283 with just three home runs but eight doubles, quite a few of which barley missed having home run status. He may not be the league’s very best but you’ll want to know his name in years to come. I had to give him my vote at short!

NLTroy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies – I know Tulo has his issues staying healthy but I love the guy, period. He’s got my vote any day!



AL – Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – He’s the MVP and will very likely be again. He may be a fish and an angel but he doesn’t need water to swim or a halo to fly. When you’re good, you’re good- enough said. Barring injury he’s this year’s American League MVP again.

All-Star Game Ballot
Josh Reddick. Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Josh Reddick, Oakland Athletics – We haven’t seen this Josh Reddick in two years. I was one of his biggest opponents after his arbitration dispute with the A’s ended a day before the hearing and a day after he skipped out on Fan Fest in 2014. However he impressed with his demeanor and eagerness to connect with fans at Fan Fest in 2015. He’s only impressed since. He’s a defensive ace and is hitting .354. In two months that may change but for now I’d want him on my All-Star team.

Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles – He is leading AL outfielders in batting average and is ranked third in RBI after the Seattle Mariners’ Nelson Cruzwho qualifies as a DH on this ballot, and the Boston Red Sox  Hanley Ramirez. We all know he’s a qualified ballplayer, as evidenced by his four Gold Gloves and the fact that he is currently batting .367 definitely puts him on the All-Star team list.

NL – Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins – Stanton isn’t leading the league in home runs (yet) or batting average but he is in RBI (29) and he IS the $300 million man. Stanton led the NL in home runs last season, even while missing the last 17 games after being hit in the face by a pitch from the Milwaukee Brewers’ Mike Fiers. Stanton will make the All-Star team and if he doesn’t then there’s something wrong with, well, everyone who doesn’t automatically vote him in. LOL!

All-Star Game ballot
Giancarlo Stanton. Getty Images.

Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals – No one is as surprised as I am to say that I am voting for Holliday for the NL All-Star team because when he was with Oakland, for the half a season he was, he was not the six-time All-Star Matt Holliday he has been with the Colorado Rockies and the Cardinals. However he is hitting like the batting champion that he was in 2007 so for now he’s on my version of the NL All-Star team.

Charlie Blackmon, Colorado Rockies – I’m telling you I like this Rockies team so here’s another member for you! Blackmon’s been good this season but you could easily replace his name with Justin Upton, Joc Pederson, Matt Kemp or even Bryce Harper. They’re all pretty close so it’s a tough call and one I don’t really care to make. It’s the NL after all! (I’m terrible when it comes to AL vs. NL! 😉 )


Designated Hitter

ALNelson Cruz, Seattle Mariners. Obviously Cruz, last year’s home run champ and so far this year’s home run leader should be voted in as the designated hitter …. 

And now the most important VOGT on my 2016 ballot – 


All-Star game ballot
Stephen Vogt. Getty Images

AL Stephen Vogt, Oakland Athletics! #IBelieveInStephenVogt! A vote for Vogt is a good thing and I’ll tell you why. Vogt has been quite clutch for the struggling Athletics having played a role in pretty much all of their 2015 victories. He’s slugged 7 home runs tying Toronto’s Russell Martin for the most amongst AL catchers and leads all the catchers in the American League in BA (.341) and RBI (25). He’s been hands down the best catcher in the AL this season and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. So if you listen to any of the usually opinionated and random things I sometimes say, listen to this – VOTE FOR VOGT! He may not be well known around the league but he truly deserves this honor! #IBelieveInStephenVogt!!

NL – Since I absolutely refuse to pick Buster Posey (he should just tell people his name is Gerald. He’s just making himself look and sound stupid but that’s IMO and if you have read my blog before you know how I feel about the San Francisco Giants) – so I am going to have to go with Derek Norris of the San Diego Padres. He’s ranked second in batting average (.311) and has driven in more runs than any other NL catcher. While Norris’ defensive skills can be sketchy, throwing out base-runners is definitely not his thing (reference the 2014 AL Wild Card game if you have any questions about that) but either him or Wilson Ramos of the Washington Nationals deserve votes over guys like Poser.

VOTE FOR VOGT!! For the 2015 AL All-Star team!!!

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