Off-Day Baseball Fun Fact from BBST!

I’m a little late in publishing this post – I was so busy all day getting details finished for my new business venture UpCountry Artworks – I’ll have more information on it later but since this is a baseball blog, let’s just stick to baseball, right?! Right. LOL,

But today was another one of those stupid “off-days” that we all hate when it’s our team’s turn to take the day off and there is no game to watch. Although, today I did watch a bit of the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals game! That definitely helped out a lot.

Doug Fister didn’t fare very well for the Nats allowing 10 hits and four earned runs but I still maintain that everyone is allowed a bad day and that he is one of baseball’s most underrated pitchers!

I looked through a lot of baseball facts like the fact that on this day in 1947 the New York Yankees held “Babe Ruth Day,” to celebrate baseball’s most iconic player.

However, my favorite fun fact for today has to do with one of the greatest pitchers of all-time and one of my all-time favorite players, who like myself , comes from the great state of Texas. He spent most of his career playing for both Texas teams.

Even though he played for the New York Mets, Texas Rangers and the California Angels as well, I will always remember Nolan Ryan as a member of the Houston Astros. I grew up watching him play for the team from my home town. An eight-time All-Star (he was an All-Star in 1981! The year I was born!!), Ryan led the league in strikeouts 11 times during his 27-year career.

On this day, April 27 in 1983, Ryan became Major League Baseball’s all-time strikeout leader. Ryan, who was with the Astros at the time, broke Walter Johnson‘s record by striking out Brad Mills of the Montreal Expos to record his 3,509th strikeout.

Ryan’s record that still stood when he retired ten years later in 1993 and still stands today 22 years later. When Ryan retired he had accumulated 5,714 strikeouts. It is a record that will likely never be broken.

  • Nice article. Nolan Ryan was beyond dominant. He, like many record holders, has one that’s unbreakable. We’ll never see another pitcher like him again.

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