A homecoming for Josh Hamilton?

Nothing would make me happier for Josh Hamilton than for this rumor to be true, that he may be returning to Texas, and for all I know it may be.

The way that the Los Angeles Angels organization has treated Hamilton, through his relapse on cocaine and alcohol and his subsequent divorce from wife Katie, has been atrocious, unbelievably rude and unfeeling.

The Angels sure know how to kick a guy when he’s down. The Angels have made it know that they do not want Hamilton back after he finishes recovering from offseason shoulder surgery.  First they would LOVE not to pay him the $83 million left on his contract. GM Jerry DiPoto gave him a public scolding and the team’s president John Carpino said that Hamilton not being suspended for his relapse “defies logic.”

Over his past two seasons with the Angels, Hamilton hasn’t performed the same spectacular way he did during his time with the Texas Rangers. In Texas he went to five consecutive All-Star games and was the 2010 MVP of the American League. He drove in a league high 130 runs in 2008, won three Silver Slugger Awards and hit a career high 43 home runs in 2012.

Sure, he’s under-performed and had a relapse but the Angels knew all about his past when they signed him for five years and $125 million. So far in two years he has hit just 31 home runs and driven in just 123. But like I said the Angels are still acting like they didn’t know this was possible and that it somehow makes Hamilton a bad person. Flawed? Maybe but not bad.

It was reported a couple days ago that Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia had confirmed that Hamilton would be heading to Arizona sometime this week for an extended spring training stint, but DiPoto said that no dates have been set and owner Arte Moreno has previously said that there are no guarantees that Hamilton will ever play for the team again.

There is no evidence of Hamilton’s existence at Angels’ stadium. Hamilton’s locker is being used by Johnny Giavotella and there is no merchandise with his name or likeness on it. Like I said before in a post … you stay classy Anaheim!

But they never have and probably never will! I’ve had one of their stupid “rally monkeys” hanging by a noose in my living room since I worked as an intern with the A’s during college – it’s been there 11 years and it’ll probably never come down so I’m not gonna sugar coat their terrible behavior. I’m no LAA fan but the facts are the facts and the Angels are acting worse than I’ve ever seen, just to get out of paying for a guy they scouted and signed.

The rumor that has been circling is that the Angels almost have a deal in place with the Rangers for Hamilton. A source told MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan that the deal will likely not be announced until Monday. It has also been reported that the Angels will still be paying most of Hamilton’s salary for the this season and the following two seasons as the Rangers will only be required to pay $15 million.

This is honestly some of the best baseball news I feel I have heard personally in a while – with all the brawling the Royals have been doing and Tommy John surgeries, it seems to me that sending Hamilton back to where he once excelled and where he had an obviously strong support system is the absolute best way to go.

Texas can use the outfield help with all the injuries they have sustained this season already and Hamilton could be that guy. As his teammate, friend and most vocal supporter C.J. Wilson said recently.

“If he’s back on a field, it’s good for him.”

I agree. Give the guy a break already. He made a mistake, owned up to it and he deserves a chance to play somewhere where he will be (hopefully!) welcomed back. But that’s just one girl’s opinion. My cousins are Rangers fans and no one was very happy that he left the team … Will he get welcomed back with open arms like A-Rod? Or will the fans have a problem with him instead of the team?

First we’ll have to wait and see if this trade goes through and people’s reactions once it is official but so far the sources I’ve seen appear to be pretty solid! So good for you Texas Rangers and congrats to Josh Hamilton for getting the hell out of Anaheim!!! (Seriously, it’s not like they play in LA!)

  • I think it’s great if he goes back to Texas. I just hope he gets his life back in order. And shame on the Angels for not supporting and not helping a man in need. Talk about kicking a man while he’s down. Good luck Josh.

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