Jon Lester uses his glove (literally) to get the out at first (VIDEO)

I had to put this on my blog because honestly I have NEVER in my 30 years of watching baseball seen something this weird – ok, I probably have but this is still strange!! I mean sure I’ve seen a ball get kinda stuck in a glove because that is what happens here in this play.

Anthony Rizzo. Getty Images.
Anthony Rizzo. Getty Images.

But it’s so stuck in the glove, I still can’t believe it. Jon Lester was on the mound for the Chicago Cubs pitching to the San Diego Padres’ Clint Barmes, with a man on and one out. Barmes hit a comebacker to Lester who somehow got the ball completely stuck in his glove.

What could have been a double play ended up being at least one out for the Cubs because Lester turned, ran towards first and threw his glove to first baseman Anthony Rizzo. The glove literally tumbled through the air with the ball still stuck inside!

Seriously, it’s one of the crazier things I have ever seen – or at least seen in a long time so you too now need to take a look!!! Here ya go:

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  • That was awesome! Smart play and got em out.

  • Yeah this is a good one, and Brian (7) thought it was pretty funny, too.

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